Addmen OMR ballot sheets first choice for SBI Officers Associations Election

Addmen was chosen by the State Bank of India for their Officers Associations Election in Bhopal. Along with designing and supplying the OMR ballot sheets, Addmen was part of the entire election procedure, right till counting the votes and declaring.

Addmen Group is proud to announce its association with the State Bank of India, Bhopal, during their Officers Associations Election. Right from designing of the OMR ballot sheets to the declaration of results, Addmen played an integral part in every step of the election process.

Addmen created 15 types of OMR sheets for all modules and regions (Bhopal, Raipur, Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior). The elections were held for office bearers, zonal headquarter and regional secretary.

The sheets were as follows: 1 Circle (3245), 3 MOD Bhopal Reg Vidisha (210), 3 MOD Bhopal (1255), 2 MOD Gwalior Reg Chatarpur (190), 2 MOD Gwalior Reg Damoh (150), 2 MOD Gwalior Reg Shivpuri (180), 3 MOD Indore Reg Dewas (170), 3 MOD Indore Reg Mandasur (130), 2 MOD Jabalpur (1390), 1 MOD Raipur Region Raipur-1 (320), 1 MOD Raipur Region Raipur-2 (130), 1 MOD Raipur Region Raipur-3 (295), 1 MOD Raipur Region Raipur-5 (140), 1 MOD Raipur (235). In total, 8040 sheets were designed and read by Addmen's OMR software.

The three sections of the sheets were printed in three different colors. The circle office bearers section was colored in pink, the zonal headquarter was colored in green and regional secretary section in blue. The method of marking or voting was a simple cross sign (x).

Apart from designing and printing the OMR sheets, Addmen also took care of scanning and reading the sheets. Addmen used a special technology for reading the sheets as the SBI wanted the entire results in one single excel file, rather in separate ones. The results were present in one excel file which included the serial no. and the number of votes each candidate received.

The Addmen OMR software is designed to read a large number of OMR sheets in a short period of time. Moreover, different types of sheets can be read by the software, which include forms, answer sheets, ballot papers, etc. This makes Addmen the best OMR software company, with clients not only in India but also in foreign countries.



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May 20, 2015