Aicker Launched ELF Aroma as the World’s First Visible Aroma Diffuser

The new invention by Aicker revealed in the market as the First Transparent aromatherapy.


Aicker is best known as a specialized aroma diffuser manufacturer recently revealed their top invention as ELF. It has developed the ELF by adding out of the box services to make people happier than ever. The new revolutionary product ELF by Aicker has the potentiality to change people’s traditional life style into a special moments so that the product contains all necessary mode for each and every situation and its easy to use functionality makes it more obtainable for everyone.

ELF from Aicker now available as aroma diffuser or aroma mist diffuser and equipped with light humidifier, LED light, LED color light, touch key press and other decoration offering. Aicker made it more convenient by making its upper funnel lid detachable so that experience of people with the diffuser can be safe and protective. The new model also does not contains any chance of splashes and spillage errors. On the other hand the conjunction of full transparency provides the product more attractive outlook and this unique offering made the aroma diffuser to the world’s first transparent aromatherapy diffuser. It has been designed in a manner so that people can experience their desires spa at home, office and everywhere they want such as adding Ocean essential oil blends to ELF people can get long relief from painful headache. Similarly to deploy a romantic date and work ambiance they can use it as essential oil diffuser by pouring anticipated rose oil to the diffuser.

The new aromatherapy diffuser has beautifully crafted with all necessary accessories in terms of tools so that people can get the ultimate relaxation or peace utilizing the product. The specification of ELF includes seven colors light, five bulbs, touch key press sensors, and 2.4 MHz Ultrasonic Rate technology, with the capacity of 350ML including has been used to provide users the real taste of aroma.

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The new invention by Aicker revealed in the market as the First Transparent aromatherapy.

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Nov 28, 2016