Airwheel 2016 new Smart Electric Scooter: There Is No Ending for Innovation

2016 is a historical year for Airwheel for it released several remarkable products, like C5, E series and Z5, S8 wining tons of praises at a global scale.

Through year’s ongoing efforts, Airwheel has won its glorious today. Previously, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter family included the classical single-wheeled X-series, twin-wheeled Q-series, intelligent self-balancing S-series, saddle-equipped A series and electric drift hover board M series. In spite of the great success of the current products, Airwheel never stops its steps of innovation. In 2016, it has released several latest scooter products, making another historical day, such as the foldable electric scooter Z series, C5, and smart e bike E series.

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The concept of user friendly is the core of all products, and undoubtedly, those new products follow the same principle. Firstly, Z5 foldable motorized scooter is optimized from the previous models, combining an adjustable operating arm, DIY battery design and foldable pedals. Strictly speaking, it is another new kind of two-wheeled electric scooter.

C5 intelligent helmet for road safety, the most extraordinary new product releasing conferencing represents a milestone for Airwheel, remarking a wearable device era. 2k camera, combined with 150°FOV records every splendid moment in riding. Riders can capture the splendid moment or record the whole process either via the shortcut buttons in both sides or via the mobile App.

E6 and E3, another innovation, makes the rider’s life smartly. Smart electric folding bike attracts millions of attentions for young girls and teenagers. Upon the first day of the new product releasing conference, Airwheel has received dramatic orders from many countries and numerous consulting hotlines.

2016 is a historical year for Airwheel for it released several remarkable products wining tons of praises at a global scale. With the tiny and exquisite design style, Airwheel riders are able to enjoy a more flexible and convenient way of Airwheel hoverboard riding. Through years’ ongoing efforts, Airwheel has become a pioneer in electric scooter manufacture industry. There is no ending day for innovation.

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Nov 03, 2016