Airwheel E6 folding smart ebike with lithium battery Is Beautiful Both Inside and Outside

Airwheel E6 smart foldable electric bike has been eye-catching ever since it released in this summer because it is beautiful both inside and outside.

With the enhancement of their sense of beauty, people propose higher demands of the aesthetic value embodied in products, which spurs the manufacturers to improve the design in a bid to meet customer needs. Airwheel, with its strong innovation ability, is competent to produce modern new-concept products that are up to date and competitive in the global market. For instance, Airwheel E6 smart foldable electric bike, its new product, has been eye-catching ever since it released in this summer as it is beautiful both inside and outside.

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Speaking of appearance, Airwheel E6 folding e bike is in good taste. Made of aluminum alloy, E6 is light, portable and lovely. Adopting low temperature painting technology, after japanning and washing etc. and over ten processes, the appearance of E6 becomes excellent and has strong corrosion resistance, realizing longer service life. The stable X shaped design of E6 is patented and enables the 14.15 kg body to bear 100 kg load. Moreover, the X design makes E6 unique, simple and elegant in appearance. In a word, cutting-edge technology and high-standard materials make E6 beautiful outside.

As for function, besides being powerful, Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike is foldable and intelligent, which will be discussed below. E6’s main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can be folded so that it can be easily put into narrow space, such as car trunk, subway and bus, which can facilitate your travel to a great extent. E6 e bike is also very intelligent. With its App, you can make personal setting, check riding data, locate the bike in real-time, achieve anti-theft through its intelligent alarm system. What’s more, you can diagnose the bike condition and set the speed level through the App to guarantee your safety before riding. That is, you can travel more conveniently with the help of the intelligent App. In a nutshell, Airwheel E6 e bike is excellent in function as well, which is the main reason of its constant popularity.

In a summary, Airwheel E6 e bike is extraordinary both inside and outside, so it can satisfy customers’ diversified needs.

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Sep 24, 2016