Airwheel R5 intelligent smart City Electric Bike Makes People Feel Better

Many electric bike promise efficiency, but is that enough? Efficiency misses fundamental issues involved with the value of bike experiences.

It demands riders reflect upon the electric bike and judge it by whether or not they can help people. There are experience that electric bike can support and there are experiences that it should not. Airwheel fundamentally believes that riders are the primary focus. By evolving more researches and closely observing the riders’ demands, Airwheel has developed a new product Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike that truly enhances riders’ relations with riding, rather than challenges it. When we admit that a computer can be a hub and a phone can be a medium, Airwheel R5 can truly become a totally different lifestyle.

Feeling efficient, Airwheel R5 is an electric bike with 235W powerful hub motor, which integrates with the electric power drive system. Riders can have an efficient riding with a more powerful and stable force. Airwheel R5 electric powered bike is efficient enough to drive you from place to place. The range in power-assisted mode can reach to 100km. Under the saddle, the battery has an ultra-large capacity, which can complete the cycle about 800times. More conveniently, riders can remove the battery to charge. In this way, riders don’t have to bother the inconvenient connection the power source.

Feeling is better than feeling efficient. As a bike, efficient is not all the purpose. Followed the conventional bike usage, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike allows rider to have the same ride feeling. The obesity in modern society is the result of prolonged lack of exercise. We should not only concern about the speed and efficiency. The technology sometimes makes us lazier. Barely doing exercise, we have suffered from more diseases that can be avoided. Pedaling can do benefits for our health. If we are not in a rush, we can pedal Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike for exercise and doing errands. What’s more, foldable function can be more convenient during the trip. Anyway, riders can feel more than just feel the speed with Airwheel R5. Have interest and click the website to consult:

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Nov 24, 2016