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At Alesouk we know that it is a life accomplishment to own your own home and we know that you want to put only the finest and most exquisite art pieces available in its interior.

If you are in need of or just desire something unique and luxurious to add to your home or office space you can find it at Alesouk. Alesouk is an oriental online store that specializes in home decor apparel and unique one of a kind gifts. For your home they offer oriental rugs for sale ikat fabrics by the yard, suzani pillows as well as velvet pillow covers to name a few. They also offer suzani embroidery which are made using timeless art technique only mastered by some. The ikat fabric and Suzani products available through Alesouk are made by hand using the same techniques that have been used for centuries. The artisans responsible for these works of art are natives to the countries in which these art forms originated. These countries include many Central Asian countries including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Thanks to years and years of knowledge being passed down to these individuals they have mastered the art and skills needed to make these trademark art pieces. This skill and dedication shows in every piece of art that they make.

About Alesouk

Alesouk is located in Bukhara Uzbekistan and they only sell the highest quality of products within their industry. The home decor items that are available for purchase through their oriental online store are exquisite and will bring beauty to any room in which their placed for many years to come. The staff at Alesouk prides themselves on providing great customer service as well. Their dedication and values show throughout every interaction that they had with customers as well as every product that they market and sell. So if you are in need of some home decor art for your home or office you can be sure to find it at Alesouk and you can be sure that your purchase will be well worth the money and the short wait to receive.


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Alesouk is located in Bukhara Uzbekistan and they only sell the highest quality of products within their industry.

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Sep 26, 2015

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