Best Way to Enjoy Runescape Premier Club with 8% off osrs gold on RSorder Until Dec.5

Best Way to Enjoy Runescape Premier Club with 8% off osrs gold on RSorder Until Dec.5

Generally speaking, the runescape Premier Club is definitely a best way to enjoy upcoming 2017 contents. Jagex provides 30% discount for a year's membership. As we all know, members of runescape can enjoy more benefits than f2p players. Time to buy rs 07 gold and buy membership with 30% discount.
Desert Pantheon aura, loyalty points and more coming with Premier Club

Guys!Time to use code RSOD8 to buy 8% off runescape 2007 gold & rs gold from RSorder Until Dec.5, 2016!

Buying Gold Premier Club, you can get as below:

1. 30% off a year's membership & Desert Pantheon aura
2. Menaphite Ancient outfit & +1 Treasure Hunter Key per day
3. 150,000 loyalty points & 50% discount on RuneMetrics
4. VIP world access & VIP forum access
5. Forum badge & Chat badge
6. Premier Club-exclusive Q&As & Pre-paid card promotional items
7. Access to Old School members' content
8. Runescape Desert Pantheon aura offers a choice of handy buffs
10% discount replaces 30% off for Runescape a year’s membership

Actually, we have explained this point before. The 30% discount is compared to buying membership month by month, Jagex has confirmed either. When Runescape Premier Club goes live, many players cannot wait to make purchases. But they are stunned by the premier club price that is a 10% discount, not 30%.

Meanwhile, the Runescape Desert Pantheon aura works differently to a regular aura. However it will be handy and flexible. That is to say you buy Premier Club Runescape, the aura will accrue 250 charges every day. Additionally, you are able to spend charges on Strength of Het, Ward of Icthlarin, Wisdom of Scabaras.
It's high time to buy Runescape membership and it's definitely the best way to enjoy next year's content. In addition, this is also the high time to buy cheap runescape gold on RSorder with exclusive 8% discount code “RSOD8”.

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