Camelot Kids Offers the Best Interactive Kindergarten Program in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Camelot Kids is one of the best child development centers in Los Angeles. It offers a comprehensive and interactive kindergarten program for children ages 4.5-6 years of age, known as the Aqua Dragons.

Research proves that the academic success of children in later years highly depends upon their early childhood education. Having positive, responsive relationships with teachers and peers is crucial to laying a solid academic foundation. Kindergarten is where children learn important skills such as social interaction, literacy development, math concepts and motor movements. Camelot Kids recognizes the importance of early childhood education, not only in the core subjects like math and reading, but also in science, art and music. They focus on the whole child to create well-rounded children.

Camelot Kids, one of the best and most reliable child development centers in Los Angeles, offers an educational and fun filled kindergarten program for children 4.5-6 years old in Silver Lake, California, known as the Kinder Aqua Dragons. Your child will love to spend time in their kindergarten room, which is painted in a calming, refreshing, cool shade of aqua that resembles the beautiful color of the ocean. The aqua theme offers a soothing effect, which helps to achieve mental clarity and emotional balance.


Aqua symbolizes youth, hope, health, speech, confidence, communication, idealism and strength, which embodies the Kinder Aqua Dragon program. Building confident, life-long learners is the goal of their kindergarten program, and with the low teacher to child ratio, Camelot Kids is able to individualize the curriculum to meet the needs and expectations of every child and their family. The language arts curriculum is based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Story Town Program. Story Town is a reading and language arts program teaching skill and strategy development. Camelot Kids Kinder Aqua Dragon program offers a highly effective, unique blend of individualized content, whole-group cooperation and cutting-edge educational technology, with the use of the interactive Smart Board in class. By combining hands on experiences, Smart Board technology and personalized activities and lessons, the Aqua Dragons learn how to read and write over 60 sight words, build a strong base for addition and subtraction, and enjoy reading level 1 and 2 books. Your child will also get to experience hatching chicks in their own classroom. This is a kindergarten experience that you or your child will never forget.


A few words from Camelot Kids, “As a veritable fortress in the big city of Los Angeles, we are proud to be known as the best child development center, by offering top quality and informative programs for your children. Our ultimate goal is to create a warm and inviting sense of community among the parents, children and staff. We run both preschool and kindergarten programs in Silver Lake, California. We have highly skilled, experienced and qualified teachers and staff who foster positive learning environments to help your child reach his/her full potential. Our entire team believes in creating an environment conducive to growing and learning. In our kindergarten program, your child will learn in an interesting and interactive way.”


About Camelot Kids:


Camelot Kids is a highly reputable year round child development center in Silver Lake, Los Angeles (a DSS licensed facility), which is well known for its top quality and educative preschool and kindergarten programs and Little Knights Parent and Me Boutique on Camelot Campus just “West of The East Side” with fun filled baby and me classes for your littlest ones, exercise classes for parents, seminars, Disco Knights, [bump] flagship store, community events and much more. Camelot Kids also offer enrichment classes such as Organic Gardening, Spanish, Soccer, Cooking and Ballet as well as a fun filled Summer Camp Program. Camelot Kids implements the best curriculum in order to foster all areas of child development; social, cognitive, emotional, physical and linguistic.


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Sep 27, 2016