CFC Carbon Company As the Face of Changing Carbon Composite Making Processes In the World

CFC Carbon Company as the face of changing carbon composite manufacturing technology in the world and from the background of China.


BEIJING, CHINA (November 13, 2016) – The CFC Carbon Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of carbon materials with more products in the market than any from China in this sector. There are more than only companies in China and the world as well, which makes these carbon materials to supply the need in the market, but all those and this company is different in their processing and ideologies. The concept of the company is to build the various carbon composite materials with the newest available advanced technologies and supply to the world for the better usage of the materials for good.

Our sources have confirmed about the company’s carbon enhanced materials, and these are the products that have been used in the various fields with various applications from solar panels to airplanes and other several products. The product like graphite is the company’s one of the largest manufacturing product in the country, which comes in a line of various products like mechanical seals & bearings, bipolar plate, carbon brush and others important products. There are other separate areas of manufacturing graphite products like the felts and pyrolytic blocks, and these are the enhanced version with various perspectives and applications to supply and became the largest carbon felt makers in the whole Chinese region.

The company has many products, and one of their main flagship products is the carbon composite material that contains two isotopes of carbon and becomes the carbon carbon composite materials. This material is manufactured in the main plant and has many variants of the end product that released from the factory like the CFC Blocks, composite U-profile & L-profile, carbon ceramic materials and several other products. The concept has come to the company promotional comment, “we have the best carbon isostatic rods and blocks in stock with lower price from the other leading companies in the world.”

About CFC Carbon:
The CFC Carbon Company is one of the leading manufacturers of carbon products like graphite and its applications, and this company has more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing these products.

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CFC Carbon Company Limited
Address: Yizhuang Economic Development Zone, Beijing 100176, China
Tel: +86 17701349487


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CFC Carbon Company as the face of changing carbon composite manufacturing technology in the world and from the background of China.

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CFC Carbon Company Limited

Yizhuang Economic Development Zone
Phone : +86 17701349487
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Nov 13, 2016