Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Glaucoma And Parkinson’S Disease Among The Many Ailments Treatable

Despite the high cost of materials involved in manufacturing, El Jefe’s smoking and vaporizing devices at their online store are reasonably priced. The devices can only be bought by adult users.

Patients Use Smoking, Vaporizing, Oral Intake and Topical Application for Consumption of Weed

September 29, 2017, York: After more than 25 states across the USA legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes, the interest in the benefits of this herb has also increased. Ongoing pharmaceutical research has been proving how cannabis alleviates pain and can be used in the treatment of certain diseases. Meanwhile, an industry helping to consume the weed effectively has also emerged in the United States. As a brand manufacturing and distributing 510 thread wax atomizer vape pens, brand El Jefe is providing its customers handcrafted devices for cannabis vaporization and smoking. 

For the legal purchase and use of medical cannabis to treat problems such as chronic pain, seizures, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and arthritis, patients need to have a recommendation from certified medical practitioners. Cannabis strains are classified under different categories – Sativa, Indica, Hybrid – and medical prescriptions for different ailments mention exactly which one should be consumed as a part of the treatment. 

The next step is to choose the method of intake and this is where vaporization proves to be most helpful. With a vape pen having wax atomizer and quartz based coils it is easier and safer to inhale the medicinal extracts of cannabis. El Jefe has been producing such devices for sale across the US and a high number of new medical cannabis users are opting for these. The products are also available to authorized recreational 

users of marijuana. 

Despite the high cost of materials involved in manufacturing, El Jefe’s smoking and vaporizing devices at their online store are reasonably priced. The devices can only be bought by adult users. 

These vape pens are also drawing a lot of support from cannabis patrons. Here’s what Daniel Hugh (name changed to protect identity), a marijuana smoker since 3 years has to say about the brand, “It’s a relief to know that the government has permitted the use medical marijuana in most American states. I had been taking the weed orally for relief from chronic muscle pain but the use of vaporized cannabis proved even more effectual and relaxing. I bought my vape pen from El Jefe and am thoroughly impressed by the quality. It helps in the complete vaporization of the substance and nothing sticks to the sidewalls. I will recommend it to patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana.” 


About El Jefe 

A leading brand for vaporizers and vape pens, El Jefe has put in years of research to develop a range of products for adult smokers. The medical and recreational use of cannabis is authorized in a number of states and El Jefe supplies reliable weed accessories to them. Buying a vape pen, atomizer or vaporizer is easy due to online availability at  

The smoking and vaporizing devices designed by El Jefe use a special contactless quartz coil. The makers have also applied for a patent on the material.   This coil helps in providing the purest flavor of marijuana and lets patients extract the value of weed. 


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Sep 29, 2017

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