DroidBOX Brings OTA Updates for the T8-S and T8-S Plus 4K TV Set Top Box Devices

DroidBOX now brings a new firmware update via the OTA (Over-the-Air) updater application for its T8 series of devices.

25th July, 2016 - DroidBOX, the UK’s leading Android TV box device manufacturer and supplier, servingthe 4K streaming needs of people nationwide, brings OTA updates for the T8-S and T8-S Plus devices so that the device owners can access their favourite channels with ease and comfort. Keeping up with some of the exclusive features introduced in the original T8 series devices, this latest update will bring some more innovative applications. DroidBOX’s OTA updater application will save owners of devices from the T8 family from using a SD card for installing and running the latest firmware update on their set top box devices. Once the installation process of the OTA update is over, the TV set top box owners can expect to be notified and access the updates available over-the-air more easily than before.

Each DroidBOX streaming device comes with its own exclusive set of software applications, known as the firmware. Like every piece of advanced technology, it is essential to update the device, to ensure you have the best entertaining applications. 4K Android TV boxes from DroidBOX generally include the newest firmware editions available in the industry. However, technology and coding move quickly, so you need to be ready to stay current.

Firmware is something which is required in most electrical devices these days. But without an update facility, it becomes nearly impossible to run these products to the best of their abilities.

For users of devices from the T8 family, there is agreat opportunity to update their present firmware and DroidBOX brings OTA updates that would help the T8-S and T8-S Plus devices to operate smartly without losing their favourite applications and settings.

“Our OTA update for the T8 series of devices is an attempt to improve uponthe standard firmware. We want it to be used by more and more T8, T8-S and T8-S Plus set top box owners to discover the pleasure and convenience of accessing over the air applicationsin abundanceand for free. If you look to access OTA channels with greater ease and supercharge your entertainment experience as well, our OTA update is a ready to use option, said a spokesperson of DroidBOX.

If you are not satisfied with the existing firmware of your T8 device and thinking of a powerful update, DroidBOX has the answer. It has come up with OTA updates only recently to let the T8 device users have the latest editions of everything including KODI running on their devices without any interruption. Just check out the instructions for Over-the-Air updates and be sure to have access to more entertaining applications without any restriction.

About the Company:

DroidBOX offers a wide variety of 4K TV set top boxes with great streaming capacity and options. With a powerful product line including the T8, T8-S, T8-S Plus and more, it is capableof meeting the varied streaming demands of customers from all over the nation. DroidBOX brings the latest OTA updates for its T8 series products to help owners access and update channels with comfort and ease.


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Jul 25, 2016