Fun children’s socks for a sizzling summer

Children’s socks for both boys and girls can be attractive as well as serviceable as the Corgi.

Children become fashion-conscious at a very early age, it seems, so parents are likely to be delighted with the range of fun children’s socks from whether the patterns suggest summer activities such as surfing, have the light ambience of flowers, or show brightly coloured spots.


Of course, it is possible that school uniform requirements mean that socks have to be plain grey, white or black during term-time, but there is still scope for individuality at weekends and holiday times.


In addition to the socks pictured here, the range includes Breton stripes, socks featuring an appealing fox character, and children’s sizes of Corgi’s well-known regimental socks in the colours of those regiments for which HRH Prince Charles is Colonel or Colonel-in-Chief.


A little nylon for durability

The majority of Corgi’s children’s socks are made with a mix of 75% cotton and 25% nylon, to give that extra strength for the demands lively children ask of their socks and footwear. They are machine washable and Corgi’s attention to detail is apparent with the hand-finishing of the toe sections to ensure a comfortable fit.


Cotton, or a mix of mostly cotton, is usually the best fibre for summer wear, especially when the temperature rises. It is not surprising that weather is one of the most frequent topics of conversation for UK residents, as the “four seasons in one day” climate can happen at virtually any time of year! However, you never know, this year may bring a repeat of the sizzling summers that many adults remember from their own childhoods.


Naturally, the Corgi Hosiery range of socks and other clothing is suitable for all the family, from the specialized personalized cashmere jumpers for the tiniest family members, to warm cashmere wraps (ideal for cooler summer evenings, when their light but warm texture brings a touch of style and luxury to any outfit).


It is worth making the point that, whilst children’s cashmere socks are, naturally, available from Corgi, they are best kept for special occasions as they are not as durable as the more everyday ranges shown here. Nevertheless, there is sufficient choice for the most discerning and fashion-conscious child.


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Bright colours, a mostly cotton mix with some nylon for added wear and interesting patterns – the ideal combination for children's socks that will appeal and stand up to some tough wear.

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Apr 29, 2016