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Peter Ghaziri- We are modern lebanese hairdresser and long hair specialist. our hair salon services include bridal, long, curly hair and colour correction with yoko system straightening and length hair extension at competitive prices

Peter Ghaziri and his team of long hair specialists have been known for their beautiful and unique Lebanese hair styling options that they offer to their clients. Recently, the popular hairstylist from Lebanon, working in London, announced that his salon has come up with it new range of hairdos for women of every age, looking for hairstyles for different occasions. He mentioned that it was much needed that he and his team comes up with hair styles that would satiate the needs of women, who have short hair. Hence, this new approach and initiative to bring new hairstyles is quite a bold one.

When the PR executive of this salon was asked about the reason why they though all over again regarding their hairstyling options, she mentioned, “Our clients come from different backgrounds, both elite and general. Their demands are different and the occasions that they attend and the life style they follow should be reflected on the hair.” But as most of their old hairstyles were cliché and did not focus on the factor of life style and personality, they had to be changed and thought all over again, added Peter.

The head of the stylists claimed that they always focussed on the factor of personality and face cut, when choosing a hairstyle for their clients. But as trends have changed, life style has got much to do with the look that they carry. Hence, the new range of styling options has been quite useful for their clients. From boho to chique, from sophisticated to vivacious, they have incorporated different attitudes and elements that must be reflected in the overall look that one carries.

The team mentioned, “As hair is the most important element in transforming your look, it must be taken care of that your life style, personality and sense of fashion, all get reflected in your hairdo.” We have made sure that each of our clients, no matter what professional background they belong to, can get something that will suit them and help them feel confident about their life style. To focus on their range of facilities, they mentioned that even old hairstyles that have been inappropriate and not quite liked by anyone, can be changed and corrected by them.

One of their regular clients, Anita said, “I am a college student and wanted something over the top. Peter suggested a streak of a vibrant hair colour. I was not sure, but it really turned out well with the cut, finish and highlights of colour.” The team of experts also mentioned that they have expanded their range of solutions that now includes keratin treatments, re-growth treatment, semi permanent colour treatment, restorative hair treatment, vegetable colour treatment and many more.

The long hair specialists also added that as the maximum difficulty is faced by the women, who have straight long hair, they have designed hairstyles that would not require them to cut their hair short. They insist that women try these new styles that will certainly help them have more freedom in maintaining their hair and also make it easy for them to carry their long hair. When they were asked about the cost of these services, they added that Peter Ghaziri salon has taken care of the cost, so that all can avail this. They insist that both men and women visit their salon to know about the services and their costs. Visiting their website Peter Ghaziri Hair saloonwill also give an idea of what they offer and what can be availed at their salon.

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Peter Ghaziri provides high quality services includes bridal, long, curly hair and colour correction and Great Lengths hair extensions at competitive prices, Yuko hair straightening and Keratin Blow Dry. Peter Ghaziri is a stockist for Kerastase, L'Oreal

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Mar 24, 2015