Get Your Own Personal Golfing Range in Your Home

Love to play mini-golf with your kids? Build your own mini-golf course! Bob works one-on-one with you on the miniature golf course construction to your specifications.

Do you love playing golf but don’t have so much time to visit nearby golfing range? Do you think that spending so much time and money in golf is unacceptable? Then we are proud to present the services of The Horwath Golf. The Horwath Miniature Golf courses are considered to be the best mini golf courses in the US. Our company has been proudly serving the areas around U.S.for over 25 years. The main aim behind the formation of our company was to help people save their time and money by installing a mini golf range in their house. We aim to serve the people around the globe with proper assistance and top services.

We were created by Bob Horwath, who have built over 150 high class miniature golf courses in the whole U.S. and internationally as well.Bob, along with expert and hardworking team will ensure that the output is more than what you have been expecting. He believes that golf is a game of class,patience, intelligence and accuracy.He has all the information about how to build a mini golf or what is needed for that and can help youbuild your own mini golf courseconveniently. He will show you amazing mini golf course designs before starting the project.

All of our services are affordable and we use only top quality materials to complete the project. Log on to today and book an appointment.

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Oct 14, 2015