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Abu Dhabi presents the best of their treatments through the Vital Polyclinic.


Abu Dhabi is a place where the skins of the people are affected by the sun rays as it is very much heat affected area. The skin problems can be found among the people resides there and for their medical treatment centre like Vital polyclinics have been established. Acne is one of the common problems, and the extra oil stuck into the faces and other parts of the body. Technically when the skin pores are very much exposed to the gland of oils, a substance namely sebum is produced in the skin. These type of skin clogging results in the production of the pimples on the face, neck and the back portion and this point is crucial that acne pimples can emerge anywhere in the skin.

Acne does not cause any severe harm to the patient, and it can be cured by removing the extra oil from the skin, but the scars which it leaves can spoil the beauty of one's face. Acne scars treatment is done in the vital polyclinic, and the scars are treated wit special medication under the clinical heads.

The skin treatments that is done for acne scar related issues are Laser light therapy, chemical peels. Laser light therapy is a new technique of skin treatment that helps to control the production of external oils and removes the bacteria's by killing them through laser. Chemical peels consist anti-acne solutions in it, and it cures the scars from the inside of the body. The most useful process among all techniques is filler by which the collagen and fats are injected into the skin to fill the acne affected area. Needle and Needless radio frequency process is another way to tighten the skin after several time of acne emergent in the skin, and it is done to the aged people mainly. Mr Alex Saxena who have opted for scar removal Abu Dhabi has said: "Acne treatments are best to select in this clinic".

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About Vital Polyclinic:
Vital polyclinic is proven to be the best medical centre for curing any problems related to skin. They maintained their quality and concerned for the patient's safety. The team of this clinic is made of the experienced doctors who give expertise suggestions to the patients.

Contact Name: Mr Khaled Haj Younes
Company: Vital Poly Clinic
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Country: United Arab Emirates
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Abu Dhabi presents the best of their treatments through the Vital Polyclinic.

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Vital Poly Clinic

Al Bateen, Street 32
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Phone : +971 2 6667067
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Nov 06, 2016