Health consciousness to increase wealth for the Functional Foods and Nutraceutical Market

Functional foods are healthy foods that provide benefits beyond basic nutrition. These foods contain naturally enhancing health substances. This feature helps to minimize any health problems and prevent from certain chronic diseases.

Functional Foods and Nutraceutical, though lacking a certain definition, refers to food that provides any process and health edges excluding typical food. The recent trend has seen an upsurge of such “Health Foods” that embrace dietary supplements containing vitamins, minerals, herbs et al. The increasing Health Awareness and simply accessible Nutrition Deficiency merchandise have created a strong impact for sensible foodstuff on international Economy.

Market Drivers:

The useful Foods Market is driven by the increasing Health aware nature of parents. The trend of being preventive instead of reactive to health problems has together spurred on the market and has increased the demand of merchandise that provided any nutrition and unit of measurement healthy. The useful Food has presently swollen and is gift in nearly all the classes of food consumed by humans including: cereals, nuts, vegetables, fruits, dairy farm merchandise, confectionery things and together from snacks to non-alcoholic beverages. In today’s Nutraceutical persuade you to buy is possible to induce a “Health Food” different in any of the higher than categories.

Market Segmentation:

The useful market is divided into six main categories , it's divided primarily based on: kind, Benefits, Origin, Ingredients, client and geography. The various forms of sensible Food include: food, beverages and supplements. The market is driven by the advantages these sensible Foods provide, that are: Health and upbeat, un wellness hindrance, Fitness and wonder. All useful food comes from a pair of sources, either Plants or Animals. The Market is additionally classified supported the Ingredients utilised within the synthesis, they include; Anti-oxidants, Carotenoids, Fatty Acids, Flavonoids and Minerals among others. Nutraceutical product unit of measurement together classified supported its consumer; Adults, kids and aged. The last classification relies on geography, the most regions are: Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and remainder of the world.

·         The U.S. and Japan markets area unit important within the sensible Food business followed by Asia Pacific and European markets.

·         In 2020, it is expected that the U.S can still dominate sensible market globally with a CAGR of eight.7%.

Market Growth:

The useful Functional Food and Nutraceutical Market is determinable to grow at Associate in Nursing Annual Average rate of growth of regarding eight.5% within the forecast quantity 2015-2020 according the Market Report by IndustryARC.

·         The Market Size is expected to rise from $168 Billion in 2013 to $305.4 Billion in 2020.

·         The highest growth within the market is being recorded within the energy drinks, healthy snacks and breakfast product sectors.

One issue that accounts for this growth is that the agitated approach and ageing population. These factors area unit promoting the human dependency on the sensible or Nutraceutical Foods for meeting Daily biological process wants. The Market is additionally expected to examine a growth in Asia Pacific and South yank countries, specifically among the center financial gain population.

Key Players:

Different sectors of the sensible market have utterly totally different key players that dominate the Market.

·         Red Bull GmbH is world leader in Energy Drinks having Market Share of over ordinal.

·         Pepsi Co. and kellogg Co. area unit world leaders in Healthy Snacks.

·         Groupe Danone and Groupe Lactilas dominate the Healthy dairy product.

·         Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd. may be a leader in Probiotic Drinks sector.

Apart from these corporations, alternative key players within the market are; cola Co., Dean Foods, General Mills INC., kraft Foods and Nestle S.A. The report on the useful Food and Nutraceutical Market by IndustryARC provides a whole list of Key Players with their Product Portfolios, Financials and Developments.

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Jun 22, 2016