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Psychology Services for dealing with various psychological problems provided by American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology.


DUBAI, UAE (NOVEMBER 05, 2016): Whether one is suffering from depression or stress, the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN) offers the most appropriate medical care and assistance to deal with all kinds of psychological problems. ACPN’s psychology department in Dubai undertakes treatments for adults as well as young adults above 12 years of age. The psychology services of ACPN include interventions such as therapy for complex and severe mental health disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder; and emotional and personal counselling sessions. At ACPN, quality and credibility are merged for effective results in medical assistance. This premier medical facility focuses on offering specialized medical care since its origin in 2008 in Abu Dhabi. ACPN offers two main services including medical services-both primary and specialization in neurology, psychiatry and psychology, and facilitation of professional training and development programs for advanced treatments.

A clinical psychologist in Dubai based ACPN finds out the exact cause of the psychological problem of the patient based on various models including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. All patients suffering from different psychological problems such as eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, trauma and other such problems are treated under the above-mentioned perspectives. The medical center also provides exclusive psychometric assessment services to those patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injury, strokes or any other neurological problems. The neurological team also assists this department in offering pain management intervention or dementia assessments.

• Counsellors- This service by ACPN involves providing counseling psychologists or counsellors who use CBT technique to treat problems related to stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, weight management problems, relationship issues and work related problems among others.
• Crisis management- ACPN offers de-briefing to companies who require assistance post any critical incident at work place. The ACPN psychologists play a huge role in the Employee Services that is provided by the medical center.
• Addiction treatment – ACPN provides members from its psychology department to take part in Aviation, Eating Disorder and Addiction teams organized by ACPN.

To avail the specialized intervention services available for couples, visit http://www.americancenteruae.com/psychology/

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Owner Name: Dr. Yousef Abu Allaban
Company: American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN)
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Address: Jumeirah 3, Sunset Mall, 2nd floor, office S01 & S02
Email: info@americancenteruae.com
Website: http://www.americancenteruae.com/
Phone Dubai: +971 4 314 1000
Phone Abu Dhabi: +971 2 6979999
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Psychology Services for dealing with various psychological problems provided by American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology.

Contact Information

American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology

Jumeirah 3, Sunset Mall
2nd floor, office S01 & S02
United Arab Emirates
Phone : +971 4 314 1000
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Nov 05, 2016