How To Find The Right Mover At The Right Price

There are other removal services who; when you talk with them over the phone, will recommend you the most expensive plan or package they have.

You need to adopt a two-step procedure to find the right mover at the right price. Step one; check out the reviews and step two, visit the website and read the plans and offer details carefully.

Not enough can be said about folks who assume that all removal services are the same and that any removal service available in the immediate area is as good as the other; fact is, they are not! Most are just one-man-and-a-truck removal services. Call them and your headaches will begin the moment they arrive. They will tell you to “do your own stuff” meaning pack your own material, pick up the boxes and load them into the truck etc.. You will have to do a similar job at the destination.

There are other removal services who; when you talk with them over the phone, will recommend you the most expensive plan or package they have. Fact is, you need to be pre-aware of their plans and the kind of vehicles and services bundled with each plan. It is said “knowledge is King” and this can't be further from the truth when dealing with removal services.

One family we spoke with told us that as per their selected plan, they expected a 6-ton truck but the truck that arrived at their house seemed “pretty small – more like a large van” and the driver said “not to worry, we will do two trips” also, the quantity of packing boxes and material he brought along seemed woefully inadequate for the job to which it seems the driver said “we will reuse the material after the first trip”. Amazing what they think they can get away with isn't it?

There is an alternative to all the headaches and total rubbish that you have to put up or deal with when hiring a removal service; you could opt to deal with Advanced Removals!

Advanced Removals are actually middle-men. They act just like the real estate agents. They talk to you, know what has to be transported and when. Since they are industry experts, they will also give you a ballpark figure as to the costs and services that will be included. They also stand guarantee for the quality of services that will be delivered.

Once you give them the go-ahead, they will not only arrange for the best removal service that fits your need, they will do so at the right price that is well within your specified budget. The staff at advanced removals will ensure that the removal service providers contracted to do the removal, arrive on the appointed date and time with the right type of truck and materials included in the plan selected.

In fact, the removal service providers dare not cheat because they are dealing not with you directly, but with experts upon whom they depend on for further business.

Despite all precautions, should something go wrong as in an accident resulting in damage to material being transported, advanced removal will also handle the insurance claims on your behalf. Now, isn't this the better option to finding and handling the Newcastle Removalists NSW service providers by yourself?

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Aug 25, 2016