How To Speed Up Your Wordpress Site

On the other hand, if your customers are located all over the country or globally, then choose your server accordingly.

Are you using a Wordpress site to host your blog or articles or other content? If yes, you need to urgently find out how quickly a page on your site opens – preferably request a friend to do it. A site that is slow to display content will cost you in terms of lost viewers and customers because in today's world, unless you run a totally unique site, no one is going to sit there twiddling their thumbs waiting for your page to open.

Fortunately, Wordpress itself has a whole bunch of tricks made available at your disposal – tricks that can reduce your page opening time considerably.  But these tricks need a fair bit of technical skill so instead, let us show how a few simple tweaks can also help boost your site performance.

Speeding up your Wordpress Site:
The server speed and response time is perhaps the single most crucial factor to the speed at which your web page loads up. Factors governing server speed and response time include:

Server Location: To begin with, look at the geographic location of your customers – are they locally based or globally based? If your customers are locally based than your server too needs to be as close to your customer geographic location as possible. For example, if you are in the removalist business and your customers are mostly based in and around Sydney because that is where your business is located then, hosting your website on a server that is based in Sydney will have a shorter response time than hosting on a server based in (say) UK or Russia - makes sense?

On the other hand, if your customers are located all over the country or globally, then choose your server accordingly.

Server Quality: Needless to say, always opt for the best server taking into account not just quality of server being offered but features and services too e.g. managed Wordpress Blog Services. There's plenty of ultra-low priced servers – avoid them like plague.

Managed WordPress hosting – unless you are a Wordpress pro, opting for a managed WordPress hosting makes more sense than having to handle everything yourself because there's often more to Wordpress than meets the eye.

Wordpress Boosters: Lookout for Brand Design Company specific performance boosters e.g. caching technology or software such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. If you find those in the control panel of your hosting, enable one of them.

CDN's: If the content on your website does not change much, you should also consider subscribing to a Content Delivery Network (or CDN for short). CDN's deliver cached static content from websites to users based on their geographic location. A CDN is especially required if your customers are globally based. Instead of the customer's computer attempting to reach all the way to your server, the customer's computer reaches out to the nearest cached pool of your content thereby cutting down response time dramatically.

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Jul 13, 2016