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TASUP doesn't just track what you do, it transforms who you are. Designed to improve quality of life

The telecommunication adherence support program (TASUP) is dedicated to all people with chronic disorders receiving the right information at the right time - The voice reminder reminds you to Take Your Medicine - The wellness tracker following your Health Parameters.

The app offers you continuous voice and text reminders to take your medicine (with specific drug names). The reminder will be repeated at least one more time, and you need to confirm that the medicine has been taken.

The human voice message reminder helps taking your medicine as prescribed by doctor. It combines the voice reminders and text messages to encourage you better managing your health.

the wellness tracker is a smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including steps, calories, distance, time and sleep quality. The tracker connects via bloothoth to your mobile phone, and has a battery duration around 2-4 days

For maximizing your health improvement, every information will be centralized in one app in your mobile phone.

View the fundraising campaign, have the wellness tracker immediately!

Where the money goes

We need your help to finalize our software development and go into mass production.

Here is how we will invest the funding we receive:

1) Software Development: We have started the IOS, Android, WP8 software development but the majority of the funding requested will be applied to complete final software coding, testing and UI design. The reminder and health tracker system will be integratged into one platform in order to maximize your health improvement!

2) Mass Production: We need your support to secure procurement of the long lead components and meet the minimum order quantities

For design, develop, test and demonstrate the program we have 5 milestones:

1. Functional specification 

2. Technical specification 

3. Implementation    a. Input settings    b. Human voice message reminder     c. Confirmation options    d. Rewarding the adherence  e. Other incentive settings (refill reminders, text messages   etc)    f. Follow up 

4. Testing 

5. Operational validation

With your support we expect to have the first production of TASUP as soon as possible, we want to get TASUP program and device ready until Q4 2015! We are very excited about this project and hope you are too. We appreciate your support and remember: every cent counts!

The amount of funding we require to achieve the final milestones is $100,000. We hope you will find it in your heart to help us deliver this long sought after, valuable and useful technology.

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The telecommunication adherence support program (TASUP) is dedicated to all people with chronic disorders receiving the right information at the right time

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Mar 28, 2015

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