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NetZealous LLC, a highly regarded provider of professional trainings in the regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT areas, specializes in offering trainings on a number of areas of leadership. Its trainings are offered in the form of web seminars, in person, live seminars and in-house trainings.

These trainings, which are from some of the most renowned names of the industry, often earn professionals credits that they can use to scale up in their careers. NetZealous LLC’s trainings are tailored to the exact needs of busy professionals, as they are flexible and can be availed at the seeker’s convenience. NetZealous LLC’s trainings are organized in almost every part of the world, from Cape Town to Canberra and San Diego to Singapore.

It is well-known and well accepted that the most important ingredient in an organization is leadership. One can innovate and come up with technologies; one can put in place a set of processes, and one can make a great name for discipline and professionalism. But none of these take the organization to a position of strength as much as leadership. In fact, it is leadership that causes and brings about all these strengths in the organization.

In the first place, it is necessary to understand what leadership really is. It is known that no organization or any other entity such as a nation can progress without it. So, what is it? Leadership has been described as the ability of an individual or an organization to influence people to act with confidence towards achieving their goals and aims.

The ability to influence stands out from other qualities

This clearly shows that leadership is marked out or stands out because of one important quality –influence. People may manage an organization or a nation or they can organize their activities in an orderly and coordinated fashion, but without the ability to lead by example and influencing people, all the efforts come to naught.

So, what is special about the ability to influence? When a person influences a group of people, he or she is motivating them to take the right course of action. The leader does this through a number of initiatives and traits. For a person to influence others; what is most important is that the person should first be convinced about the whole exercise himself. When a leader works as part of a team, the whole team shares her vision and thought. She is clear about the ability of the team to deliver results and reach its desired destination. A leader brings about collaboration between the players of the team and unifies and synergizes their thoughts and actions towards the organization’s goal.

Ability to influence has to be blended with vision

Thus, a leader should also have a clear vision and foresight of the chosen business, profession or field of operation. This is one of the core areas in which leadership differs from management; because management just treads the path leadership lays out for it. Managers see to it that tasks are completed, while leadership is not worried about the day-to-day tasks, but are focused on the big picture ahead.

When a leader motivates, people willingly do what they would otherwise not have done. This is the really differentiating factor between leadership and other traits such as management, charisma and demagoguery. A leader leads by example. This means that he must have a high degree of integrity.

For all these, the leader has to have a team that acts out the leader’s thought and vision. This is why the team is very crucial for the leader. A leader can certainly act independently, but unless there is a team that acts as the unit that carries out the leader’s direction; the leadership will be hampered. This is where the importance of team building in leadership lies.

Characteristics of a team

For a team to be influenced by a leader and for it to act in unison with the leader’s vision; it is expected to have a few characteristics:

-        The team members are completely cohesive in their thinking about where to take the organization it and how to go about it, led of course, by the leader

-        The team has a clearly defined set of goals

-        It is structured in such a manner that it is driven towards results

-        It is composed of the right people, meaning the people with the right direction of thinking and has the right number of people for it

-        The team members work in an environment of cordiality and collaboration and have a healthy and professional way of sorting out their differences

Leadership can be taught

Are leaders born, or can they be made? This is one of the eternal debates about leadership. There are varying, often completely contrasting viewpoints on both positions, and people who take each of these positions are strongly convinced about the validity of their viewpoints, and as equally vehement as the other.

While any number of subjective and personal opinions can be put forth in support of the “leaders are born” brigade; facts show that most leaders are made. This means that leadership abilities can indeed be inculcated in the person with the aptitude for it. One doesn’t have to be born with it, although those with a natural flair pick up the pieces more quickly and more effortlessly and naturally.

The case is akin to that of any other discipline that is talent-driven, such as music for instance. We all know that Yehudi Menuhin was not a naturally talented violinist, nor did he ever create tunes with the spontaneity of say, Mozart or Beethoven and could only soulfully hum what the pioneers composed. Yet, what he lacked in talent, he more than made up by grit and application. His learning of the violin was extremely systematic. It came about as a result of sheer hard work.

Innate ability is not mandatory

The same goes for leadership. One may not have the ability that one is born with, the way a naturally gifted athlete or basketballer has, but that is no constraint for the determined person. In the right situation and environment and with the right training, one can become a leader in his or her own right.

In other words, leadership trainings do make a huge difference to this quality. If one has the interest and appetite for it, leadership can be created and imbibed in a person through a well-planned and coordinated fashion. This is what NetZealous LLC, a reputable provider of professional trainings, brings about in professionals around the world.

Professional trainings on the various aspects of leadership

NetZealous LLC is a Fremont, CA-based provider of professional trainings for a wide range of disciplines such as regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT.

It offers specialized trainings on leadership, by which professionals can benefit in a number of ways. These trainings, coming from some of the best names in the industry, help professionals gain tremendously by helping them to understand all the important aspects of leadership and team development by:

-        Helping them understand when to manage and when to lead their team

-        Making them understand ways of visualizing their goals and communicate them to their team

-        Identifying their market's needs to better target the team's efforts

-        Helping their team find creative solutions to workplace challenges

-        Developing a high-performance team

-        Using effective communication to motivate and coach

What the key management people at NetZealous think

Satisha Naraharimurthy, Founder and CEO of NetZealous LLC, has every reason to feel upbeat and affirmative about the offerings from his organization. “NetZealous’ aim is to provide trainings that make a big impact and difference to professionals in their work life. Our trainings, being from very well-known Experts in the fields of HR and other areas, offer skills that are practical and easy to implement. Professionals who take up our leadership trainings skills find the learning imparted at these trainings so relevant and current that they implement them easily once they go back to work and start making a positive difference to their organizations straightaway.”

Reinforcing this point, Shahanshah Manzoor, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at NetZealous LLC adds that these courses are chosen after a lot of consultation with the experts: “When the experts and our team decide on a course, we make sure that we support the course through our coordinated efforts at marketing. Our seminars are held at almost all major locations around the globe. Our idea is to be of use to professionals in different parts of the world by taking our course to where they are.

We don’t want geography to be a constraint for the right candidate who wants to learn about leadership. As a result of our trainings, there is a noticeable difference in the way leaders start to function. These courses are what we may call life skills providers. The learning does not stop at the end of the two days of the seminar. Rather, it begins there, because whenever a participant is in any doubt about the implementation part of any aspect of the seminar; the expert is available to clarify”, he said.

Liju Mathew, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at NetZealous LLC adds with pride and satisfaction his organization’s ability to find the right courses for the right professionals. “Once we have scouted for the course, we meticulously decide on the location taking many important factors into consideration.

We want to make sure we include the needs of the particular geography when it comes to section of courses. As an example, recently, in our endeavor to reach out to Africa, which has shown tremendous potential for medical devices manufacturing, we organized a professional trainings course on “Why is FDA at my Facility, and What do I do During an Inspection”, in Cape Town.

Likewise, we have an upcoming seminar on “Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success” in San Diego. This location has been decided because we understood that there is a demand for readership trainings in the techno hub of the US. In this way, we go by the market needs rather than our convenience. We want to be a provider of professional trainings with a difference”, he says.

About NetZealous LLC:

NetZealous, a Fremont, CA-registered organization, dba GlobalCompliancePanel offers a broad range of high quality regulatory and compliance-related professional trainings and services relating to medical devices, pharmaceutical, FDA, clinical trials, laboratory compliance, biologicals, drugs, food and biotechnology.

About GlobalCompliancePanel:

GlobalCompliancePanel ( is a specialized offering from NetZealous LLC. It is a source for a wide range of professional trainings, compliance trainings and consulting for the regulated industries. GCP offers a broad range of high quality regulatory and compliance-related services relating to medical devices, pharmaceutical, FDA, clinical trials, laboratory compliance, biologicals, drugs, food and biotechnology.

GlobalCompliancePanel has many well-known names among its clients. These include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, Merck, Baxter, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Abbot, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Molina Healthcare, Pfizer, Alcatel-Lucent, American Express, Medtronic, Lonza, Emerson Hospital, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and many more.

Over 50,00 professionals in the various areas in which GlobalCompliancePanel offers its trainings have benefited from the vast experience of its well-known speakers, who are reputed globally in their respective fields.

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