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As we grow old, we require someone to take care of ourselves. Assisted living centers are essential as they provide quality senior care services at affordable rates.

As we grow old and need the company of someone who would take care of us, the significance of the assisted living centers become very clear to us. A number of people live alone as their children and other younger members of the family live elsewhere, due to their work. They are not always able to take care of you when you are old and this is precisely why the assisted living centers are essential services. The assisted living in OKC is in high demand and there are many people who opt for this service. If you want you can easily get in touch with the agencies and seek a solution to your old age troubles from them.

Redhaven Care Homes

Noted among all the assisted care centers in OKC, the Redhaven Care Home is undoubtedly one of the best there is. The agency easily stands outs among others due to the hygiene and the efficiency with which they manage all their services. The people who have lived here for sometimes highly recommend the agency and that is evident from the various reviews that you can find about them online. Though there are other agencies of the same type in the region of Edmond and Oklahoma, it is always better to choose the one which is already reputed and established for their high-quality services.

The types of services

There are many staffs in this kind of agencies who would take care of every minor detail in your daily life for you. If you need medical care there are expert staffs that are trained in nursing to take care of you. There are also staffs that would be there to provide you with the company whenever you want them. You can choose to come and live in the assisted living in OKC or else the staffs would be sent to your home for providing you with hope based assisted care and services. In both cases, the services are reliable and the staffs are extremely warm and friendly.

Cost of the services

Depending on how long you choose to stay in the assisted living and whether you are opting to stay at the assisted living or want a home-based care, the cost is determined accordingly. However, the red haven care home is noted as a very affordable compared to most agencies of similar type.

Products or Services

We offer the following services: 1. Assisted Living Service. 2. Senior Care. 3. Health Care. 4. Home Cooked Meals. 5. Personal Caregivers. 6. Household Necessities. 7. Safety and Security. 8. Professional Consultants. 9. Life Enrichment Programs.

Contact Information

Redhaven Care Homes

6900 Northwest 129th Street Oklahoma City
Phone : (405) 595-7066
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Nov 17, 2016