OMR Home Launches an Advance OMR Software

OMR home presents to you Verificare, a smart OMR software solution. This is featured to overcome the limitations of a OMR scanner.

Now, we found the majority of organizations are incorporating the use of OMR based questionnaires. These questionnaires will include their internal registration, assessments, etc. That a company conducts periodically to assess and record their employees. The aspirant need to mark the correct answer by darkening the most appropriate bubble. This selection to the most favorable choice can be made using a pen or pencil as specified in the instruction set. The OMR software Verificare founds huge application as they have been designed to offer brilliant establishment usability.

Moreover, the OMR scanners used earlier have limited accessibility. It requires a special set of transoptic papers that can only be processed from this scanner unit. This brings the need to develop OMR software, the verificare software can easily process a vivid range of sheets, like the normal A4 size paper sheets. The software provides accurate results and offers smooth in-depth analysis of the subjective results.


OMR home presents to you Verificare, a smart OMR software solution. This is featured to overcome the limitations of an OMR scanner.


Advantages of using OMR Software Verificare;


- The user is free to design, crop images, incorporate bar code to the traditional OMR sheets in accordance to your requirements.


- Verificare an OMR reader software, will read the maximum filled option so, considering the cases in which a candidate has marked two options, then the software would only be considering the option for evaluation which has been darkened more.


- With new pattern of exams, like JEE questionnaire, with partial marking options, can also be evaluated using this software.


- You can also create templates, as the required set of documents can easily be customized to PDF or CoralDraw file types.


- The user can incorporate a variety of 2-dimensional images like a company logo.


- The software helps in minimizing conning, the subjective section of every paper can easily be changed, that is two students sitting next to each other would be getting the same paper but the sequence of questions in the paper would be different for them.


- It has no dependency over the paper size used, you can process double sides or a series of sheet at once.


- The software is compatible to a variety of scanners, like the flatbed, MFP, ADF to scan OMR sheets with no limitation to the number of sheets.


- It has features to highlight mandatory fields on OMR forms, identifies error files and reread faulty files with accurate data. The software can also identify duplicate records.


- OMR sheet reader software features data sorting, column validation features.


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Nov 24, 2016