Pacific Bedrock- Industry's Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Lightweight Stone Panels

At Pacific Bedrock, we have made a track record of exceeding the loftiest expectations of our customers.

It has been over a decade since our Company Pacific Bedrock turned up and has been successfully operating the business of manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of lightweight stone panels to our customers based in China as well as other parts of the world.


Being a reputable lightweight stone panels company, we place our customers at the top of our priority and take care of their needs very well and achieve them under any circumstances. We invariably want to make them feel at ease when it comes to investment to be done at their ends. We know the value of a single penny, so we always offer our products that last longer and sports excellent quality. Our successful stint in the industry speaks volumes about our integrity towards our customers—you can read our customers’ testimonials in our web pages- and after reading it, you will know for yourself how much dedicated we are for the customers.


We put our might and main to carry out each and every project we are submitted. We have made a track record of exceeding the loftiest expectations of our customers.


Based on the needs and demands of our customers, we directly ship the lightweight stone panels to just any part of the world where delivery is possible. When it comes to packing the products, whether it is marble honeycomb panel, granite honeycomb panel, ceiling honeycomb panels or any other panel, we always do this impeccably and have never got any derogatory remarks concerning shipping and delivery.


Our expert technicians make it sure that every product is inevitably tested and inspected to qualify the standards and quality required. We always lay emphasis on delivering 100% satisfaction to our clients. You can count on our integrity, workmanship, earnestness and you will receive the high-grade quality in lightweight stone panels as well as the right price rate and the minimum waiting time.


With that said all above, you will like to choose Pacific Bedrock Company for all the different types of stone panels we feature on our website.


If you would like to learn more about the company and how the use of thin onyx and other natural stones could help transform your project then please visit Pacific Bedrock website for more details at

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Jul 19, 2016