Prizetyper Aims to Increase Your Typing Speed in a Fun, Educational and Competitive Way

Prizetyperenhances your typing skills with the most fun, educational and competitive methodologies.


In today’s world of high technology,fast typing is essential. People who cannot touch type are often left behind in the workforce, so constantly practicing your typing skills is essential to productivity in school and for employers.

Prizetyper offers free typing games and typing tests that are addictive.First time users can start practicing and improve their typing speed by typing many interesting, informative, relevant and famous quotes. Users can simultaneously increase their typing speed, learn new things, have fun in competition and enter to win prizes.

Prizetyper is a typing practice platform for continual and competitive learners. Users can try the one minute English typing test on their own and if they are ready to assess their typing skill against others, they may take also engage in competition as well. Users can compete with friends or type versus random users and compare the fastest typing speed within a multiplayer space race throughout the universe.

Prizetyper also sells geotargeted advertisement space to businesses in the form of the text that is typed by users; therefore, the messaging is a form of subconscious marketing, which is followed by an affiliate link for direct marketing. Businesses can increase brand visibility with advertisements on Prizetyper by advertising to a young, global audience.

About Prizetyper
Prizetyper is a website engaged in quickly improving the typing skills of interested users through educational, competitive and fun methods. They provide a huge database of texts from motivational quotes to educational text books to advertisements having different levels of difficulty for users.Users can practice themselves, take part in competition with friends or other users and get a chance to earn monthly prizes.

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Dec 02, 2016