Salsa People, The Pioneering Kizomba Tanzkurs Present Highly Engaging Kizomba Tanz

‘Salsa People’, the leading Kizomba Tanzkurs offers comprehensive and targeted Kizomba Tanz training. Prolific dancers will now master the art of performing exciting and sensuous Kizomba with their partners.

Dance lovers and enthusiasts will have some great news waiting for them. Salsa People, the pioneering Salsa training institute is launching its exclusive Kizomba Tanz classes for enthusiastic learners. From first-timers to professional dancers, all of them will have fair opportunities to develop, hone, and showcase their Kizomba dancing skills. With years of experience in the professional arena and highly efficient instructors, Salsa People emerges as the leading institute capable of imparting authentic Kizomba training.

As an exotic and celebratory dance style from Angola, Kizomba happens to be a unique amalgamation of rhythm and music. With cultural influences from the traditional form of Semba, this particular dance style is nothing short of a revelation. With a crystal clear understanding of this aspect, highly talented and proficient trainers at this Dance Company strive hard towards reviving the magic of the 80's.

When asked about their training schedules and courses, the ‘Salsa People’ executive was more than happy to share his thoughts. “At Salsa People, we perceive dance as a way of life and not just a pastime. It’s our ardent wish to recreate the golden times, by popularizing the classic, amazing, and vibrant Kizomba Tanz. As the leading Kizomba Tanzkurs, we are quite knowledgeable about the specific needs of our students. Depending on their preferences and expertise levels, we impart the most comprehensive training. Most importantly, our Kizomba courses are quite affordable. People from various walks of life can step into the practice rooms of Salsa People any day.”

Since the Kizomba style happens to be a relatively new form of dance, the Institute makes sure their students go through the basic training first. The highly skilled team of instructors offers basic training courses followed by the advanced training levels. Trainees will have uninhibited access to effective and targeted learning resources, thus gaining a comprehensive training experience. Trainers will begin with some of the fundamental moves and then move onto detailed choreography. Those wishing to learn along with their respective dancing partners will also have the opportunity to do so.

Quite unlike some of the other training institutes, Salsa People aims at promoting a team spirit between dancers. As the result, dancers develop proximity to the particular dance style thus mastering it efficiently. The Institute also believes in the spirit of healthy competition. By joining their courses, dancers and enthusiasts will also earn the privilege to participate in competitive events. With well-designed online training resources, this Kizomba Tanzkurs makes sure their students remember every single move.

About Salsa People
As one of the pioneering Salsa and Kizomba Tanz institute, Salsa People ranks amongst the leading institutes with international acclaim. From certified trainers to methodical training approaches, this Salsa school has what it takes to be the best. Interested candidates can join the Kizomba classes on every Friday. Training sessions will extend for four weeks, and admission seekers will have to pay one-time fees. For more information on their course modules, class timings, and training styles, you can simply log on to

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Salsa People is a leading Salsa Dance school in Zürich, Switzerland.

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Jul 16, 2016