Siberia Boxing Club: A Unique Boxing Gym in Toronto

Clients Learn Basic and Advanced Skills in the Strategic Sport of Boxing

Toronto, Ontario – Siberia Boxing Club is a boxing gym in Toronto that offers boxing classes to children and adults at all levels of the sport. The unique techniques taught will instill the beginning skills in those just finding their way to boxing while offering pros and athletes the opportunity to fine-tune their existing skills as they match wits against other boxers. For women, boxing is the ultimate challenge to achieve fitness while engaging the intellect into learning new and controlled techniques. While boxing has a distinct impact on the physical body, it comes down to a duel of intellects between two fighters, engaging both the physical and mental self in the strategy that will allow them to win.

The primary goal of boxing is to deliver as many punches to the opponent while avoiding being punched. The skills that the boxer will learn at the boxing gym in Toronto will allow them to make decisions and moves in a fraction of a second. They will know how to analyze each situation and make the right decision to help them come out ahead. These skills will not only benefit them in their boxing matches; but also in everything they do in life.

The Siberia Boxing Club ( offers one-on-one instruction in combination with group classes at the boxing gym in Toronto, according to the skill level and age of the individual. The comprehensive training program used is based on a mixture of boxing traditions including the former Soviet and Cuban which focuses on fighting at different distances with accuracy and automatic movements. Participants will gradually increase the activity from the initial steps to they begin to get noticeable results. The boxing gym in Toronto is also the ideal place for those looking for another boxer with whom they can put their skills to the test.

The boxing gym in Toronto offers classes for beginners, amateur and pro boxers, children and teens, and training for women. Everyone can benefit from the classes from those who are just learning the basic techniques to more advanced boxers who continue to learn the mental and physical control that is required in the sport. There is no other place like the Siberia Boxing Club in all of Toronto. Check out their newest schedule and take the first step towards leaning the noblest of sports today!

About Siberia Boxing Club

Siberia Boxing Club ( is the only classic Russian boxing technique school in Toronto offering anyone interested in boxing in Toronto the opportunity to learn the same technique used by Cuba, Russia, Ukraine and other boxing schools in the world. The Boxing Club believes that the art of boxing perfects people both physically and mentally. Their classes include those for beginners, amateur and pro boxers, women and for children and teens.

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Aug 25, 2016