sleepSEE ortho-k system: clear vision without surgery

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sleepSEE is a revolutionary nonsurgical vision correction system using best Contact Lenses based on orthokeratology (ortho-k), a process that corrects your vision while you sleep and slows down myopia progression in children.

The best part about sleepSEE is the simplicity of the entire process. All you have to do is remember to put your lenses on before you go to bed! When you wake up in the morning, take off your lenses, store them somewhere safe and go about your day as normal. Within a short space of time, you will begin to notice your vision improving on an incremental basis.

Not only are these lenses revolutionary in their nature, but they are extremely sturdy and resistant to damage. There is no reason why one pair of lenses cannot last you up to two years.

In addition, the doctors who work with sleepSEE are so confident in this method’s success that they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for anyone who are unable to see clearly using the sleepSEE system. You will even get $200 in credit to put towards a Lasik eye surgery procedure. (see restrictions)

While sleepSEE is an immensely affordable process, we understand that not everyone has the same financial situation. This is why there are financing options available for the sleepSEE vision correction system. (just check with your sleepSEEprovider)  We are dedicated to promoting the orthokeratology method of improving one’s vision, which means getting the word out there about sleepSEE and all it has to offer. As more people use these lenses to help correct their vision, the wider public begins to notice the effectiveness of sleepSEE overnight vision correction.

The best part about sleepSEE is that it is just as effective on adults as it is on kids (age 6 years and up). If you have a young child who is struggling with his or her vision (i.e., becoming more nearsighted year after year) it is best to check out our “Am I a Candidate” eligibility tool on the website and visit a qualified sleepSEE Partner to see if you are a candidate. Orthokeratology is clinically proven to improve vision in children and slow down the progression of nearsightedness (or myopia).

We believe that vision care is something that everyone in the world deserves, no matter their location or economic status. This is why we are so dedicated to promoting the benefits of sleepSEE. Not only can you avoid decades of buying glasses and contact lenses, but you do not have to go through an uncomfortable and potentially unsuccessful Lasik eye surgery procedure.  Besides, if you are nearsighted and under the age of 27, LASIK is not recommended.  

Not only is surgery sometimes unsuccessful, but it is also extremely expensive. Why pay thousands of dollars for surgery on your eyes when you can get the sleepSEE system for approximately half the cost. People around the world are sitting up and beginning to take notice of all that the sleepSEE nonsurgical vision correction system can offer them. This is why we believe the sleepSEE system is the number one solution on the market for anyone who want to experience clear, comfortable vision without glasses, daytime wear contact lenses or surgery!


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