Smart foldable e bike reviews Airwheel: the Future Industry Trend

Airwheel, as the leading brand of intelligent electric scooters, believes that the demand of market segmentation can stimulate the formation of user-friendly and rich product mix.

Many kinds of brands flood into the current market, which make consumers in a dilemma when it comes to select self-balancing electric scooters. It is a serious problem that affects the sustainable development of self-balancing scooter sector. Airwheel, as the leading brand of intelligent self-balancing electric scooters, believes that the demand of market segmentation can stimulate the formation of user-friendly and rich product mix.

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As an electric scooter with unparalleled superiority in environmental protection and energy saving, Airwheel has received universal recognition and appreciation from consumers. It also continuously makes breakthroughs and aims at high quality as well as high safety. According to further market research, Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter knows the basic demand of consumers. Then, Airwheel starts to open the market segmentation and adjust its product structure so as to adapt to more demands from consumers.

At present, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter can be divided into eight main types. Airwheel X-series one wheel scooters are designed for those professional players who mainly use them for entertainment instead of transport. Airwheel Q-series twin-wheeled electric scooters are equipped with stable performances and can be used as daily transports. The consumer base of Airwheel S-series 2-wheeled electric scooters is the young elites who pursue freedom, fashion and elegance. Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped scooter belongs to A-series and it is published on new product release conference in 2015. Sitting-posture riding mode and electronic brake system make the riding comfortable and safe.

In 2016, Z series of foldable electric scooter, E series and R series of electric assist bike have been released successively. They are suitable for all ages because of easy-to-learn and it is fit for being applied to daily life. Among them, Airwheel E3 is known as a backpack e bike and R5 is famous for its three ride modes. Also, the only wearable intelligent device named C5 gopro helmet cannot be ignored.

Market segmentation is demanding for the related derivation functions of products. It also needs more innovations and further developments and Airwheel electric walkcar will try its best to give consumers more choices.

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Nov 10, 2016