The Alternative Transportation of Airwheel intelligent Electric assist Bike

Quality products and brands, you can find a right selection of folding electric bicycles and electric scooters at Airwheel.

Carefully designed and tested, Airwheel ensures your every cycling. Folding electric bikes are a marvelous invention, no matter you like to travel or simply have a narrow space where every square inch counts. Airwheel has E3, E6 and R5 folding electric bikes to help you get the most out of this ingenious machine. Whether you’re interested in the utility or the electric bike itself, you will find your alternative transportation here.

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Electric folding bicycle is one of the fastest growing trends in urban area. The last few decades have transformed folding electric bikes from a small-wheeled joke to a sleek commuter vehicle. Sleek aluminum forms the stiff frame, which is fashion in appearance and solid in performance. The primary feature of E3 and E6 is the uniquely detail. The main difference from E3 and E6 is that they are designed with two shapes. Two-circle frame gives Airwheel E3 backpack e bike a nicely foldable feature that both wheels can be fitted into the circles.

E6 X-shaped frame is easier to fold by just one simple operation. There is a lot similarity between these two folding electric bikes, considering the lightweight and portable function. Folding in mere seconds, it doesn’t get any easier. It can be carried into your classroom, office and can be stored at home without worrying about being stolen or exposed to the weather.

It is never easy to get around in the transportation. Subways are crowed and hot in the rush hour, cars have to sit in traffic, and bikes have to deal with thieves and streets. But in all the ways to travel, Airwheel R5 city electric bike is probably the most practical. E3 electric assist bike and E6 guard your travel with electric power all the time. Airwheel R5 can also let you enjoy the pleasure of pedaling. If you have enough time, you can choose the battery as a backup plan and move your body to pedal forward. There is nothing like Airwheel electric bike to refresh your spirit after a hard day.

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Nov 17, 2016