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Estate planning can be very confusing, but it is important that the important documents are prepared properly so they are legally enforceable. There is no age where someone is classed as being too young to prepare their estate documents, in fact, people are encouraged to do it as early as they possibly can. If the unfortunate event of an early death does occur, the family will be protected. HGWFL( is a law group based in Sanford, NC, and the attorneys have an incredible amount of experience with estate planning, ensuring that all of their clients do it right the first time. 


There is a series of documents that are classed as being part of the estate planning process, including wills, trusts, healthcare, living will and even guardianships. All of these documents are extremely important for every family to make sure they get what they are supposed to get once their loved one dies. At HGFWL, the attorneys are determined to make sure their clients do the right thing and that their documents have powers of legal enforcement. In order to ensure this, families must always hire an estate planning attorney to check over their documents.


It’s intimidating, estate planning. It can get confusing and overwhelming, sometimes people just feel like they want to give up, but can they afford to? During these times, people must hire an estate planning attorney to help them with the process. HGWFL’s attorneys have helped hundreds of people with their estate planning documents, helping to provide a more secure future for their clients and their clients’ families. The law firm is respectful and cares about its clients, making it one of the best in the whole of Sanford, NC.


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Harrington, Gilleland, Winstead, Fiendel & Lucas, LLP (often shortened to HGWFL) is a law firm consisting of a few different attorneys. The attorneys specialize in a few different areas of the law, including real estate law, estate planning, business organization and family, making them the perfect go-to law firm in Sanford, NC. Throughout the years that the law firm has been running, the attorneys have been gaining useful experience in their field and have helped many people to successfully complete their estate documents, lifting the stress off of their shoulders.


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