The Towel Depot Brings White Hand Towels In Bulk

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White hand towels are beautiful. They simply brighten up your washroom when you hang them up there. They offer a sort of aristocratic look. They offer simplicity in use and elegance in decoration.

A white hand towel is ornamental. It can be laid on the ledge alongside the sink, held tight a little towel rack, or hung over organizing shower towels, especially in visitor bathrooms. The white hand towel adds a generous touch to the home and can have various utilizations, particularly those woven from material. Material is a profoundly retentive, delicate fiber which does not leave build up, making it the ideal fabric to dry fine precious stone, prized flatware, and fragile china without scratching.

The Towel Depot’s different batches of White hand towels are:

  • 15*25 Hand Towels

-          86% cotton 14% polyester

-          $182.99

  • 18*30 hand Towels Piano Design

-          100% Super Pima Cotton

-          6 lbs per dozen quality towel

-          Piano Design Dobby Border & Dobby Hemmed

-          10 Dozen Case Package

-          $422.99

  • 16*27 Hand Towels

-          86% cotton 14% polyester

-          3 lbs per dozen

-          $199.00

  • 16*30 hand Towels

-          100% cotton

-          Dobby border ring spun quality

-          4.5 lbs per dozen

-          5 dozen case package

-          $308.00

White hand towels make amazing housewarming presents. Their classiness and elegance additionally makes them a decent alternative for engagement and wedding presents also, particularly when suitably monogrammed.

Generally, a hand towel was utilized at the formal eating table alongside finger bowls: between courses, one would dip their fingers in the bowl and utilize the towel to dry their hands and fingertips.

There are also various choices of colors if you chose to go for something other than white, but The Towel Depot is also offering screen printing on the towels. They help you get the best quality product and the most reasonable prices, and furthermore they try to help you customize your towels so that it suits your taste and preference and goes along with the décor of where you have placed the hand towels.

The Towel Depot understands the difficulty of maintaining white material. So they are bringing you these white hand towels in bulk which they are offering at high quantity at really reasonable prices. This gives you the opportunity to not worry if one has a nasty stain, because you were able to buy them at bulk.



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Nov 18, 2016

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