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Dr. Gayle Way plays an important role as Energy Psychologist and psychotherapist as one of helping her clients in Energy Healer, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology treatment.

Have you made a decision that you want a change in your life and need a safe place to come or a warm human being who both listens and gives you caring advice and constructive inspiration? If you think that you need assistance or psychologist help then you are welcome at Dr. Gayle Way. She is experienced and licensed psychologist and has a divine outlook and a holistic human understanding that characterizes her approach. She is trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing and therapy.

She is an energy psychologist and can provide ESM Therapy for Anxiety and trauma as well as Vibrational Healing Therapy, individual and couples therapy. Her treatment process involves learning by the patient happens to understand, accept and integrate through forgiveness and self-esteem their experiences, and how that has lived. With the right help from a psychologist, you can achieve all your personal goals. She can also ask about the patient's history and look at his problems, his feelings, and behaviors.

Do you have more self-esteem? Do you want to be free of stress? Want a better love relationship? Do you need help to get over traumatic episodes? Do you want to learn to say or have you thought throng, you want to get rid of? Then Dr. Gayle Way has your solution. If in doubt about whether she is right for you, please feel free to call at778-291-3517. Want to know more about her and about the ways she frequently works on, log on to

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Dr. Gayle Way offers an array of alternative treatment in Alternative Addiction Treatment, Anxiety Treatment and Childhood Sexual Abuse with 30 years of experience.

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Dr. Gayle Way

3561 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6R 1S1
Phone : 604-731-3517
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Oct 19, 2015