Things to know about the Abortion pill before taking it

When abortion is discussed it more often about surgical, here is another and now one of the most used method of pregnancy termination.

Abortion was legalized in the United States following the pivotal decision regarding Roe v/s Wade case. Even so, individual states can regulate or even restrict the use of pregnancy termination. There are three main types of termination namely, medical, chemical and surgical. For women who are in within 10 weeks of gestation and want to go through the procedure, medical type of abortion is more preferable. As per a physician, some women prefer pregnancy terminated by medication because it makes them feel more in control of their body and private, since the procedure occurs at home.


Since the debate over termination has taken the country’s political climate by grip, the pro-life and pro-choice groups have increasingly contested over the access of abortive medication and services.  Even if the abortion pill has made access cheaper and easy for common women, you mustn’t take the pills before knowing some necessary truths –


There are two pills to be taken for safe abortion and it could be costly


If a woman decides to cancel her pregnancy through medication, she will have to take two different pills for inducing an abortion. The woman needs to be within 10 weeks of gestation to be able to use abortive medication.

The first pill is an anti-progesterone drug called Mifepristone (also known as RU-486 and Mifeprex) which starts the process. After a mandatory interval of 24-48 hours, the secondary drug, Misoprostol can be taken. The Mifepristone takes effect by blocking the progesterone hormone that allows the pregnancy to grow. Just like what happens in a miscarriage without the medication, induced abortion starts with stomach cramps. This is an indication that the pregnancy has stopped growing; it is detached and will be ejected in the coming hours through vaginal discharge. To ensure it is done safely, many add misoprostol so that the risk of infection and heavy bleeding could be reduced.


Even if the pills make access easier, they can cost up to $800 depending on your location, where you are getting them. Different clinics may have the funds to help you bear the cost.  Therefore many women buy abortion pills online in discounted prices.


Side effects


Generally, it takes up to three to four hours for women to complete the process after taking the second pill. Even so, it can generally last anywhere from six hours to a day for some women. The whole process could end in few days, during which you will experience cramps and bleeding. This is due to the secondary pill ( misoprostol) that causes uterine contractions and expels the conception tissues from the body. Patients may also experience vomiting, nausea and diarrhea while going through the process.  There are several medications now days that come with abortion pill pack that contain medication to control these side effects such as pain killers and medicines for nausea and treating excessive bleeding.


Do not get abortion pills without medical input


It is necessary to get a proper evaluation before you decide to get any medication. Just as that, you need to get input from a medical practitioner before you buy abortion pills online or otherwise. Trust only the sources that ask for a prescription beforehand.





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