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It’s a sad fact of life that some people renege on their responsibility to pay their debts.

It’s a sad fact of life that some people renege on their responsibility to pay their debts. As a result, thousands of businesses and landlords end up out of pocket and at risk of going into debt every year.

Because of this, there’s a need for agencies that can pick up all the pieces and ensure that outstanding debts are paid. Tracing agency Vilcol has been in the business of recovering debts since 1994, using its network to find people to get its clients the money that they are owed. Now it’s launched a brand new website which allows customers to order debtor tracing services online.

A Progressive Tracing Agency

Debt collectors, as they’re usually called, often have a bad reputation. They can sometimes use unscrupulous methods to track down money for their clients and sometimes even break the law themselves. Vilcol says that it is a tracing company with a difference. It is one of the most established and progressive tracing and debt recovery agencies in the UK, having been operating for over a decade. Moreover, it is one of the few in the industry that adheres to the tracing guidelines set down by the Financial Conduct Authority. As such, its network of agents tracks down people in the UK and across the world using ethically certified methods.

At present, the company offers a “no trace, no fee” policy. This means that its clients face a risk-free proposition: if Vilcol can’t recover their debts, the customer doesn’t pay a penny. Over the years Vilcol has built up a reputation for excellence and the company is now regarded as one of the premier debt recovery agencies in the country.

Services Offered

Vilcol’s new website provides customers with detailed information on the types of tracing services that the company offers. Here you'll find its primary debt recovery service which uses the latest technology to ethically and legally track down those who haven’t paid their bills. But also on offer are a range of other services to adapt to its clients’ needs. For instance, Vilcol currently offers what it calls its “tracing people” service. Here the company helps clients track down the location of a person. To do so, it uses its many databases and investigative experience to provide clues as to where the missing person might be. Once the company has been successful, it provides clients with information such as phone numbers, email addresses and where their target individual lives.

The company also provides tracing services in the area of pre-litigation reports, as well as providing finance options to companies awaiting payments from third parties.

What Do Customers Think?

Vilcol has worked with a broad range of prestigious clients, including Vanquis Bank, NHS Shetland and 1st Credit. One of the company’s clients, the Jacksons Law Firm, report being “very impressed with the trace reports obtained from Vilcol.” According to the law firm, “they have proved to be imminently useful.”

Those who are interested in the service can request a trace through the company’s website. Here you’ll find an order form with list of service options, as well as an opportunity to enter additional details pertinent to your case.

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