ULFMValve.com Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings Now Being Exported to More Than Fifty Countries

ULFMvalve.com, a domestic market leader in China for all sorts of iron pipe fittings, recently announced with great delight that their malleable iron pipe fittings are now exported to more than fifty countries.

China - ULFMvalve.com, a reputable manufacturer, trader and supplier of UL and FM approved pipe fittings, recently proudly announced that their malleable iron pipe fittings now get exported to more than fifty countries. The owners proudly declared at a press conference that the countries that are their export destinations include Germany, USA, UK, Poland, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, among many others. They added that their next aim is to export their latest products to at least 75 countries.

Since its inception, ULFMvalve.com has stayed committed to its guiding principles, which include high product quality, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. Speaking at the press conference, one top executive of ULFMvalve.com said that they aim to double total export volume and gross productivity by next financial year.

“Our grooved pipe fittings and other products are gaining huge popularity both in China and abroad and that’s surely a positive sign for us. However, we are aiming at capturing an even bigger market overseas. Our products are all UL and FM approved and that gives us great competitive advantage in the export market as well as in the domestic market”, said a senior executive of ULFMvalve.com during the press conference.

He also indicated that the company may purchase new and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment for its Shandong factory in the next fiscal quarter to increase productivity. In addition to that, the company may also recruit skilled and certified engineers and quality analysts to increase its production capacity. The fire sprinkler fittings offered by the company will also be produced in larger quantity in the coming quarter, the executive indicated.

The CEO and managing director of ULFMvalve.com also made a brief appearance in the press conference where he talked about the future goals and objectives of the company. “Our malleable iron pipe fittings and other products are being sold in huge numbers in the overseas market. We just want to keep up this pace and increase our export in the coming days”, he commented while talking to the press here in Shandong.

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Nov 22, 2016