Vital Poly Clinic Opens a New Dermatology Section for Treating Patients with Skin Diseases

Vital Poly Clinic has come up with a new separate department for its initiative to cure the skin diseases of several types.


Vital Poly Clinic is one of the cutting-edge medical and beauty treatment facility in the country and has some separate services for different treatments with renowned for using some of the most advanced technologies in the city. On the last Sunday, there was an announcement of opening a new section for patients having skin diseases, and it held in the city’s Vital Clinic with a gathering of some numbers of peoples including our reporting team and other media peoples. The conference was set up in the format of first a not too long presentation, then not so quick animated demonstrations, and then again a small speech from the senior most dermatologist and lastly it ends with questions and answers.

Firstly, the presentation held in the conference room of the medical facility, and the official spokesperson who were representing the whole presentation spoke to us just after it was over. The spokesman said that “this new dermatology section will help the people suffering from some incurable skin diseases because this facility has the best teams of dermatologist in Abu Dhabi and the country.” Then, special graphical demonstrations were starts and show how a disease like Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, and other few types of skin diseases.

The post lunch speeches were from some senior most specialized skin doctors available for the clinic and including the statement of Dr. Zlatina Mineva, who considered as one of the best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi with a wider range of methods she possesses for the healthcare center. After the speeches were over, and with the starting of question and answers between the audience and the presence clinic officials and doctors, which goes very well with all the noted information we and others gathered regarding the clinic and its methods.

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About VITAL with Skin:
Vital Poly Clinic is one of the most exceptional medical and beauty facility in the country and renowned for its uses of modern technologies on operations, and with the opening of its skin treatment section, the facility has become a multispecialty healthcare center.

Contact Name: Mr Khaled Haj Younes
Company: Vital Poly Clinic
City: Abu Dhabi
Country: United Arab Emirates
Address: Al Bateen, Street 32, Behind BMW Showroom
Phone: +971 2 6667067


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Vital Poly Clinic has come up with a new separate department for its initiative to cure the skin diseases of several types.

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Vital Poly Clinic

Al Bateen, Street 32
Behind BMW Showroom
United Arab Emirates
Phone : +971 2 6667067
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Nov 06, 2016