Watch Countdown Games Escape Game Trailer Video on Youtube

Countdown Games announces the new Countdown Games Escape Game Trailer Video on Youtube.

Lexington KY, Nov. 2016 – ( Countdown Games announces the new Countdown Games Escape Game Trailer Video on Youtube. As we all know Youtube is the most viewed website on the internet and Countdown Games has a trailer video to add up with millions of videos on the site.


Countdown Games is a reality escape game that started last September 2016 and is now gaining popularity in Lexington Kentucky. Countdown Games Lexington is picking up steam and soon will be adding more themed rooms, thanks to the people who liked and played the game. Bigger and better escape games Lexington is here for everyone to experience. The place is so amazing inside and outside, the staff are so nice and welcoming plus the awesome escape game rooms are built like no other.


The objective of room escape is to beat the clock, solve the riddles and puzzles to win and in order to beat the evil mind that trapped your team inside the room every person on your team must contribute and help. Surely, after escaping the room the team would feel as one because as the saying goes “together we stand, divided we fall”. The escape games activity is an awesome idea for corporate outings and team building methods, every person that would play this game would benefit from the outcome which is good for a company that is going all the way up in the corporate world.


There are a lot of things to do in Lexington with the coming holidays and one of them is by playing escape games with Countdown Games. Lexington Kentucky attractions are everywhere, but the newest and craziest venue to go to is Countdown Games. Watch the trailer on Youtube and take a peek on what Countdown Games has to offer. Subscribe on Youtube and know more about Countdown Games.


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Countdown Games is the newest escape game craze in Kentucky which started September 2016. The place can be found at 1872 Plaudit Place Lexington, KY. Themed rooms are now available for booking, “Shock and Awe” and “Time Bomb”. Explosive and electrifying rooms that will twist minds with puzzles to solve and clues to find.


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Nov 10, 2016

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