Well-Travelled Clinics offer a selection of unique services

For travel advice, vaccination services, products or information relating to travel and health abroad, the range of services that Well-Travelled Clinics offer aims to provide the public and business associates with such benefits.

Well-Travelled are a company linked to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, one of the most renowned institutes for studying and providing cures for tropical diseases and poisons. Well-Travelled have experience and expertise at giving you the right preparation and precaution if you are planning a business or leisure trip out of the country.

By purchasing your vaccines, tablets, and travel products from Well-Travelled, you are aiding the work that they do to control diseases of destitution, and to establish more efficient systems for healthcare in third world countries, tropics and sub-tropics.

For those travelling on business, Well-Travelled offer a selection of unique services necessary to ensure that your associates are well looked after on their trip. For this type of client, a pre-travel risk assessment and post-travel check-up will be available. Vaccinations, Malaria prophylaxis and other pre-travel occupational health medicals will also be available. In addition, you will have access to telephone advice and support as well as being able to make short notice evening and weekend appointments.

Furthermore, occupational health services will be available for UK based staff, including; full vaccination service, health screening (pre-employment), surveillance programmes, spirometry, audiometry, HAVS (level 3 and level 4 assessment) and skin surveillance. Well-travelled are also equipped to manage sickness and absence, and can offer ill health retirement assessments. Those who work in risky jobs with potential danger such as oil, gas, working at heights, etc. can also be provided with medicals and assessments.

Well-Travelled have experience with a broad range of travellers that goes beyond corporate clients and businesses. This includes student travellers, cruise passengers, holiday makers and those travelling to multiple destinations. They are also adept at dealing with travellers who have special needs such as those with pre-existing healthcare conditions, pregnant and breast-feeding women, those with young children and many others. Vaccinations, Malaria Prophylaxis and pre-travel risk assessments are available for the average traveller as well as country specific information, products and short notice evening and weekend appointments.

As well as their range of travel services, Well-Travelled Clinics also provide training and consultancy. They offer a scope of educational opportunities, short courses and study days in relation to travel health. Those who want advice, support, audit or some other consultancy work relating to travel/tropical health, Well-Travelled extend their services to both private and NHS organisations.

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Well Travelled Clinics (WTC), is a company of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). - See more at: http://www.welltravelledclinics.co.uk/about-us.aspx#sthash.cQs2gkxX.dpuf

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May 11, 2015