What to do with internal damp?

In the building or in the flat inside the house where ever there is damp you first remove the plaster from them. It is found that most of the time the columns inside the house, the walls and sometimes the ceiling also catch damp which is not tangible

To get rid of this damp is to remove the plaster from all the damp affected areas. Then with the ratio of 1:3 of cement and sand mix same superior quality of waterproofing chemicals then start re-plastering the walls.

The entire job should be done with utmost care and given full time. The whole process should be done carefully by  because sometimes some walls don’t have good foundation. So when the coat of paints is done on the walls. It is not long lasting after plastering work is over leave the walls to dry for two three days after the plaster has dried up then start the putting work. This putting job is done by the use of plaster of Paris. This process has to be done with cautions.

To see that the putting that is used should be done smoothly. Please check to see that the material used is in equal quantity it should not be less or more. The walls have to be smooth to ensure the painting is done perfectly and the walls get the required strength. Along with the walls columns and ceiling the kitchen and the bathroom also needs to be closely looked at because there are chances of leakage from the plumbing line. Such leakage cause dampness in the bathroom and the kitchen which later spreads to the entire house. If any verandah or balcony which is facing on the northern side there will be plenty of light and sunshine.

The sunshine is going to remain throughout the day and maximum light will be available for most of the day. So right from the beginning green plants should be planted in the whole area. If any house or flats have west facing then sheds should be fixed over those windows. If is important before staying in any such house or flats that all the windows which are facing towards west should be covered with the sheds.

If the house or flat is facing towards south then the whole building will be filled with light. Especially the front of the house will get abundant light for most of the time but if it is facing on the northern side. The rear portion of the building is going to get enough light. South, west and east facing house should be proper sizes. This should be checked for internal and external damp purpose before buying the flat or house.

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Jan 13, 2016