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PRnob Press Release Guidelines

  • In Free Plan, You can't post any image or Logo or any special characteristics.
  • You can not post More than 1 link in PR Body section in a FREE plan, also , no "div" or any other tag ,except "strong" tag & we don't accept any media address or contact information in Title, summary.
  • Title should be as a news headline ,international issues and local issues,latest products or Services news, not just the keywords :


    Good Title : US consumer sentiment rises in final August reading
     Bad Title   : US consumer sentiment
  • PR body / Description Must be 400+ words.
  • Must be include Real Address , company , Overview.
  • We only accept Company web address in website URL section,which is related with your news or Business , we don't accept any promotional or other types URL , like www.amazon.com/example/products/7868767
  • Your Business news content should be include useful information for Customers.
  • We don't accept the news, which you already submitted.
  • We don't accept the news with negative comments regarding race, gender, culture, class, ethnic group and sexual orientation.
  • We don't accept any Duplicate Content , your Content / Description / Title must be Unique ( Search Engine don't love copy content) .
  • We don't accept any adult sites news or any types .
  • Press releases should be free of spelling and grammatical errors & should be written entirely in English.

PRnob Policies :

Welcome to the PRnob Policy Page !

  • PRnob does not allow the promotion of Dangerous Products or Services.
  • PRnob does not allow Products or Services that Enable Dishonest Behavior ,like : Hacking software or instructions ,fake documents or cheating services.
  • PRnob does not allow Offensive or Inappropriate Content.
  • PRnob does not allow Adult-Oriented Content ,like : offline adult entertainment,sexually suggestive content etc.
  • PRnob does not allow Gambling-Related Content.
  • PRnob does not allow other websites links in iframe section.like your site is www.example.com but you put , www.amazon.com/example/67465456/example etc.
  • You must have to fill up all details ( company address, phone number, zip,URL etc correctly ) .
  • Your News Title must be related with your news and appropriate.
  • PRnob does not allow image in PR body section ( Free plan).
  • PRnob does not allow media contact in Title & summary.
  • Refund is only possible before Active your news release , we don't refund your payment ,when we already started marketing for your press release.

Disclaimer: PRnob.com is a press release service provider and not the author of any press release. If you have questions regarding information of any press release please contact the company.

Note: If you violate any of our Guidelines and policies ,we will delete your news without any notice and we may suspend your account.

Need help?

If you have questions about our policy & guidelines , let us know : info@prnob.com

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