Terms and Guidelines

PRnob™ Terms and guidelines

Agreement – These terms specify the rules and regulations that you must follow in order to have access and be able to use the services of PRnob.com. These terms and guidelines are subjected to change without prior notice as per the objectives of the organization and in alliance to the betterment of the service. By agreeing to the terms you are offering your compliance and understanding to what constitutes as proper and improper use of the services of PRnob.com

Once you have accepted to the terms and guidelines, you are explicitly agreeing that you are 18 years of age or older; if you are under the age of 18, which is up to the age of 13, you have supervision and guidance of a parent or legal guardian. With users of 18 years of age and the guardians of the users who are 13 years of age, they are responsible for all activities that take place on the account of the user and are liable for all financial charges that may incur on the account. All the information provided must be up-to-date and accurate. If inaccurate or false information is provided it would be considered a violation of the Terms and Guidelines of PRnob.com

Service –The services of PRnob involves advertisements and they are in place so that much of the services provided to you are free of cost. We are constantly updating our website and offering new services to aid your use. Unless stated otherwise, they are strictly subjected to the Terms and Guidelines. You are responsible for all the fees and charges when using the service. This may include charges for third party entities. PRnob.com reserves all the rights to halt or discontinue your services with the backing of proper reasoning and may be with or without prior notice.

Account / Password – Once you have provided us with all necessary information and filled out the registration form offered to you by PRnob.com, you will be given a login username ensuring an account, which you can secure with the help of a password. Your password is fully confidential and we do not disclose any personal information until and unless we are stated to do so by the law.

User’s conduct –Ever piece of information, whether articles, images, etc. will remain in the responsibility of the person from whom it has been originated from. This means that PRnob.com is not responsible for the materials that have been uploaded by the user. By uploading the content, which could be offensive or inaccurate in nature, the entire liability is on the user that has posted it. PRnob.com does not assume any responsibility of this sort. We are just a portal through which “your” information is released.

There are a few rules in place that a user must follow to the letter. They are as follows:

-The news release you provide must be useful to your audience.

-We do not accept news that you have already submitted.

-We strictly prohibit negative comments or reviews regarding race, gender, ethnicity, class, culture and sexual orientation and inappropriate content of any sort.

-Your content MUST be unique. Copied content will not be posted.

•The title, along with it being authentic and unique, that you use for the news release needs to include the keywords and must identify the purpose that your audience wants served.

-We do not entertain news regarding adult sites or products and services.

-All information you provide must very up-to-date and accurate in nature.

-You have to fill up all details when “Signing up”.

-We do not refund any money once we have started marketing for your news release.

-We change our distribution channel frequently.

Termination– PRnob.com reserves all rights to terminate any account and the access to the services without any notice. This is mainly in terms with not being able to uphold the Terms and Guidance stated by PRnob.com or any suspicious activity that may occur in your account. It could be regarding other problem such as technical issues, for which the user will be notified that their account will be unfrozen when maintenance is over.

Disclaimer: PRnob.com is a News release service provider and not the author of any News. If you have questions regarding information of any news release please contact the company.

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