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Who we are:

PRnob™ is a leading Social Media Press Release and Content Marketing Platform, which provides Free and Premium Press release services. Our customers can literally publish anything regarding their business to bring traction and traffic to their site or the business itself. We consider ourselves the bridge which connects PR and advertising. We offer you news release options, articles and content promotions. Our distribution channels and partners have all the tools necessary to boost your online visibility and brand image.

What is Press release?

Before we start talking about anything else it is important that you know about Press release in details and what purpose does it serve. Mainly, a Press release is a written statement of a specific report with brief information about an incident, fact, or other events usually tied to a business, group or organization.

With a news release you are making yourself and your business visible to your audience. And it is our duty to offer you the platform or outlet that will help you gain the most attention. The news releases will be done in a way that will strengthen your chance to get a higher ranking on search engines.

Services we offer:

-Easy and precise information on various topics.

-Strong tools for searching businesses or information that anyone can use.

-Our news category includes topics like: (Business) (Art) (Health) (Medicine) (Shopping) (Real Estate), Etc

-There is no specificity on what news or Press release you can publish. Our main objective is to help you gain maximum attention from your target audience. However it is most beneficial to you and your business.

No other organization can offer you more thorough and efficient Press Release and exposure for your company. With the additional fact that all information you can access on PRnob is free.

You can find any type of business, news, articles, and so much more with the click of just a button. Most of our services are free, but we also offer some paid services if you require even more resources for enhancing the visibility of your business.

Please read PRnob Guidelines & Terms before you submit your News. Also, you can read PRnob News to know about latest PR, SEO and Content marketing Topics.

Please let us know if you have any questions: Email: info( @ )prnob.com or Contact Us.


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