Why you should choose PRnob™ for your news promotion?

Content marketing is an amazing way to capture your audience’s attention regarding your business. In today’s world it is rather difficult to get noticed, as every minute there is someone new with a new idea and with a new objective. Sometimes, your ideas might get pushed back because someone has newer news. This is where you come to us.

PRnob‘s objective is to give you the results you desire. With our new release and content marketing platform, you can publish anything and get your audience to notice you. We will post and market your news on the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and many more. Our efforts will give your news release a higher ranking on search engines.

Our services are completely free of cost. You can take ideas, tips and technique to be able to create a very effective news release. However, if you choose to be able to utilize the most advanced tools of content marketing, then you can opt for our paid plans . They will give you more features that will only enhance your possibility to get picked up by the search engines and ensure greater visibility.

We at PRnob believe in continuous improvement. We are constantly adding more features and updating our site as we go in order to provide you the services that you won’t get anywhere else. We try our best and hardest to be as competitive and efficient possible.

Let us walk you through the way you can use and benefit from PRnob:

We make news releases simple! You can be confident that our news distribution service is among the industry's best. Whatever your announcement or news is, we can help share your story with your online audience.

Simple to get started

PRnob is one of the easiest sites to make an account in andpost your news release. Every step of the way you will be notified what to do next. With the clear instructions you cannot go wrong.

Large distribution channels

We will send your news release to thousands of websites, news outlets, blogs, forums, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) and in major search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google).

SEO friendly submission system

You can easily share your business profile, Image, content, phone number etc, with PRnob news release services. Gain visibility online via top search engines, websites, social media, online networks and more.

Your profit is our job

You will gain attention and visibility quickly and the whole process is done with great ease. The more impressions you make, the more profit your business will make.

Drive traffic and generate sales

We offer a large distribution channel, with which we can publish your news on a great scale. This increases the possibility of your website to generate more traffic. Once your audience sees you as a worthy business, your sales will go through the roof.