Why You Choose PRnob.com for Press Release ?

PRnob.com Offer Free and Premium News Release Services with some extra features

Press release is an amazing way to marketing a business or introduces a new business in this modern world. Now, this is not the time to write a news release and send it to the editor and wait until, they notice and publish it in newspaper. Now a day, people believe on internet websites and therefore, this is the way to introduce a new business and press release is really an important source to do so.

Among all other new press release distribution websites, Prnob.com is one of the best and improving day by day. The website has started its PR distribution service from almost 1.5-year ago and become one of the vital sources of news. Currently, this website’s become very popular. Huge amount of PRs are submitted to the site daily to get attention from the audiences. Moreover, the blog is regularly updated in order to inform and introduce the newest methods of PR so that the users can optimize and write modern content easily.

Prnob.com offers three different plans for the users for posting business news releases. One is free plan for all and others are premium plan and Pro plan. Each of the service is providing different features and you can select anyone you like. All of the three plans are suitable for any business to content marketing and attract the journalists to pick your news for extra coverage.

If you choose Premium or Pro Plan in Prnob.com, you will have marketing option with full feature and a full mirror picture of your website. Moreover, Premium account also offers full Off Page and On Page SEO functions to get in the search engines result within a short time.

The distribution website is the first who introduce the REVIEW system for per PR from the audiences. Therefore, every review is a sign of a good or bad company/PR to the audiences. In this case, this will be easier to understand the value of the PR and the company offers to the audience by getting the reviews and take other steps to make it good.

Despite of being a new press release site, this has already become a good source and large distribution channel and way to get traffic. Your company profile will be highlighted simply excellently to return more than you invest in Prnob.com Have a look on the PR site in order to know and get more features that it offers to the users.

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