If you have a news release or an announcement regarding your business, whether it is the availability of a product or service, an event you are sponsoring, or an issue you are promoting, we will make sure that your news is distributed to the most prominent news sites, it gets a higher ranking on the search engines and reaches your audience the quickest and easiest way possible. PRnob will publish your news release at the top most News & media outlets.

As the three steps that have been mentioned, let us elaborate on that:

1. When you go for creating your account, there is an option at the top right corner of the site with the option of “Signup”. After you click on it, you will get a free signup form for access of Prnob.com. The account you will create will be totally free of cost and can be done within merely minutes.

As soon as you “Login” to your account, with the username and password that you have given to the site, you will be directed to the “Pricing” site. From there all you have to do is select the payment plan which fits your purpose the best. We also have an option for a free plan. The name suggests the work. There is a detailed plan which has been posted on the site for your benefit and ease.

2. Once you have chosen which plan to pursue, you will be given a news submit form. In this form you have to create your news release that you deem fit for the purposes and objectives of your business. You need to use unique content, images and links that explain the release the best and will have a greater impact on your audience.

As soon as you have created your news and going to submit it to PRnob.com, we will very quickly offer you with numerous valuable input and insights on how to make the releases better for traction.

3. There are a few things to consider when writing your press release:

- Make sure proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, bolding of characters and important words is maintained.

- Make the release useful and precise. Try not to make it too long as readers lose interest.

- We have tons of tips and tricks that you can use to better the way you write your news release.

# When the news release is ready, you have already chosen the plan which you will opt for. The payment plans we offer are: Free/ Basic/ Pro/ Premium/ Advanced. As you have chosen the best plan for your publication needs, you have to pay us via PayPal, given the exception of the Free Plan. For more information please look into the Terms and Guidelines