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1. Can I get any demo?

Yes, You can simply sign up and click submit press release, then choose free submission ,thus you can get a demo of submission process and you can get a lot of demo of press release on our news center.

2. Is it ok to add any logo, image or video with my press release?

Certainly logo and image is allowed within our pro and platinum plan but you can’t add logo or image on a free submission.

3. Do press release has any impact on search engine ranking?

Obviously, press release has a great impact on search engine ranking .Every day thousands of journalist search for press release and make you noticeable on search engine.

4. Who should be my press contact?

You should put someone as your press contact who is well aware about your company and the release and who is always available on all the contact that you submitted with your press release.

5. Can you write my press release on behalf of me?

Yes, we have expert team to support valuable client like you, just contact us and send your requirements, information, URL, details of your News release and you done! , we will reply ASAP.

6. Can I remove or edit my release?

Once you log in with your account, you will get all the options to manage your release and with these you can also remove or edit your news if you want, but before active your news, after active news, when we already started marketing, you can’t edit or delete it but you can contact us about this issue.

7. Can I switch to another plan anytime?

Sure, anytime you can switch to another plan, even if you open account for Free plan; later you can post Pro or Premium news release anytime with your existing account.

8. How long does it take to publish my press release?

Max time to publish your release comes with your submission plan. For free submission it could take 2 days (Maximum) , for pro submission it could take 1 day (Maximum) and for premium submission it will take less than 4 hours .

Note: Sometimes, we need more time to verify news, information, company etc.
We will inform you, if we need more time.

9. Can I Refund Money?

Refund is only possible before Active your news release; we don't refund your payment, when we already started marketing for your press release.

Please check our Terms & Guidelines page to know further information.