Entertainment Press Release - Sep 15, 2014

FIFA15CoinsMall offer its store to sell FIFA 15 coins online

FIFA15CoinsMall is a website that provides FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins online. It is a dedicated website that sells FIFA coins for PC as well as consoles.

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 11, 2014

The Music Of Jazz Artist George A Johnson Jr Is Designed With One Purpose In Mind To Make People Happy

Third-generation jazz drummer George A. Johnson has been involved with some of the largest outfits in the genre.

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 11, 2014

Sarantos Delivers Music Inspired By The Hurdles Faced In His Life And A Passion For Helping Others

Often labeled as a blend of modern rock and 80’s pop, Sarantos’ sound is emotionally powerful and driven by personal struggle. Following the death of his father in 2010, and a lengthy battle with cancer, Sarantos continues to achieve commercial succe

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 10, 2014

Sonic Stream Radio streams non-commercial music unfiltered

Sonic Stream Radio streams non-commercial music without filtering. Besides, it also streams social dialogues and cultural news.

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 10, 2014

Popular radio DJ Chris Caggs now on Shakedown Radio

Chris Caggs is a force to reckon with in the radio jockeying industry of Australia as he is always in demand thanks to loyal listeners who can’t get enough of his unique broadcasting techniques wherein he plays a mix of the best Hip-Hop, Dance and Rn

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 10, 2014

Spooky W Hotel San Francisco Halloween

Halloween 2014 at the W Hotel San Francisco

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 06, 2014

Indie documentary film chronicles cross-country scooter event

Scooter Cannonball Run: The Movie — 22 scooters. 3,487 miles. 10 days. Don’t call it a race. It's a "timed endurance event.”

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 06, 2014

Refinegallery Uncovers Best Oil Painting China Artworks for Art Connoisseurs

Refinegallery.com, a leading oil painting China wholesaler, presented a vast collection of artworks.

Entertainment Press Release - Sep 05, 2014

Stylish suspense thriller to make its UK debut at inaugural festival

Stylish suspense thriller to make its UK debut at inaugural festival-Workbus Ltd

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 31, 2014

A Look Into My Heart-May Be Michael Egletons Most Sophisticated Work To Date

It’s not difficult for jazz on the smoother side of the genre spectrum to easily become background music, drifting into places like lobbies and elevators without an engaged listener in sight.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 27, 2014

Roblins new movie examines anxiety-driven psychological disorders

Indie film will be produced entirely in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 27, 2014

New Docta Festival nurtures Latin American talent with free concerts and educational events

International event, produced by violinist Sami Merdinian, mezzo-soprano Solange Merdinian, and cellist Yves Dharamraj, takes place in Córdoba, Argentina.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 27, 2014

The Music Of Reggae Artist Tommy Tee Brings A Powerful Message Of Positivity

A native of Jamaica and resident of the Cayman Islands, reggae artist Tommy Tee creates music that is suitable for all ages. His blend of quality reggae with pop tendencies is all about making people happy and inciting positive social change. It is t

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 27, 2014

Producer Edward Bass Announces A New Documentary About The Use Of Beheadings As A Weapon Of Terror

Producer Edward Bass announced he will direct a documentary about the recent history of journalist executions like James Foley by beheading.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 24, 2014

Michele Clarks short film takes reflective look at PTS

Poem or Beauty Hurts Mr. Vinal is an exploration and exposé of war’s devastating effects on the human mind and the jolting transition of coming home.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 22, 2014

Tickets Now Available for Upcoming Garth Brooks Tour

Garth Brooks fans have anxiously waited, in hopes that the country music megastar would one day return to the stage.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 22, 2014

Kickstarter is raising funds for Descendants of Aphrodite

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform with global presence which finances creative projects on films, music, art, games and many more. It was started in 2009 and so far has funded up to 68,000 projects.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 20, 2014

China Hifi Audio sells high end sound systems

China Hifi Audio is an online seller of high-end sound systems. It has hundreds of audio systems and relevant products.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 16, 2014

Natasha Dixons Famous One Woman Show is Coming to San Francisco this October

Written and performed by Natasha Dixon, Evolution of a Love Addict is a popular one woman show that has widely been appreciated by the audience across the United States. The show will be held in San Francisco on 19th October, 2014, and one can now bu

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 12, 2014

Best nightclubs in Rome provides all the necessary information on nightclubs in Rome

Best nightclubs in Rome provides information about various nightclubs in Rome and makes reservations easier.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 08, 2014

DJKit Opens Preorders for Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Ahead of September Release Date

Britain’s Number One in Premier DJ Hardware Announces Long-Awaited Arrival

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 08, 2014

Deciphering Cheesecakes Mumbai way

Cheesecakes are quickly becoming the ‘generation of cakes.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 08, 2014

kalanjiyam ver 0 2 released this year 2014

Kalanjiyam Ver 0.2 Released Team Vismaya is happy to announce the release of “Kalanjiyam Version 0.2?, Kalanjiyam is the world’s first Open Source Digital Story Boarding Software. It lets us take an idea and transform that idea into the visual story

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 07, 2014

Send cakes and sweets with a click to your dear ones in India

As the outflow of Indians settling abroad, temporarily or permanently or for good is on the rise, so is the need to be connected with your near and dear back home. And the connection is not limited to free messenger services, chats or sharing images.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 07, 2014

College Football Playoff Game Tickets are Within Reach

TeamTix software interface from Forward Market Media, allows fans to buy face value ticket reservations before their favorite team qualifies for the new College Football Playoff game.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 06, 2014

Corporate Gifting in Mumbai made Easy

Corporate gifting is an art of gifting within or outside the company, customers and business associates on occasions.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 05, 2014

Learn How to Play Keyboard Online Publishes Information about Udemy Piano Courses

Learn How to Play Keyboard Online published their top 10 online piano courses. The Easy Piano Basics is considered as one of the top piano courses in the present year.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 05, 2014

De-stress with Dessert

Often see people binge eating and most of the time it is either junk or sweets. Most of the time people can control it, but sometime, the deliciousness of the sweet prevents it.

Entertainment Press Release - Aug 02, 2014

The Roundtable Ensemble presents William Shakespeares

Two Gentlemen of Verona follows the misadventures of Proteus and Valentine as they fall headfirst into love, infidelity and betrayal.

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 31, 2014

JDS Certified Inc exclusively distributed by INgroovesand Universal Music Group

Ty Chesleyfell in love with music at a very early age. Raised in Georgia with family that played music, his love for music was in his blood.

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 31, 2014

Culturally and Gastronomically Delightful

London is a city that receives travelers from all over the world and has something for everyone. You can enjoy a night at the loud clubs or a pleasant evening by the River Thames.

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 25, 2014

Cindy Music Studio offers professional piano teaching lessons

Cindy Music Studio is headed by Cindy who offers professional piano lessons as well as music lessons to people living in and around Toronto.

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 24, 2014

Kickstart your music career with Songwriter Connect

Be among the first users of the new website that connects songwriters and composer to established artists.

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 21, 2014

New Book Trailer Endorses Tiger Woods Cheating Ways

In 2009, the world learned that the number one golfer in the world was also a serial cheater, which totally took the media by storm.

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 21, 2014

IMDb Rank Booster Can Increase Your Media Presence With Massive Exposure

IMDb Rank Booster is an online database organization related to films, television and video games that provides ranking to people connected with the show biz in Internet Movie

Entertainment Press Release - Jul 18, 2014

Scarlett Gypsy Dead On with Arrival of 1 Debut Album All Access

The Glam Metal Rock Band Scarlett Gypsy has garnered the attention of fans and critics alike with the unveiling of their eagerly awaited debut album - All Access – available now on Amazon, iTunes, CDbaby and Bandcamp.

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