5 Things You Need To Know About Acrylic Nails

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Celebrities wear them. Probably that cool next girl also has it too. Many are jumping to the acrylic nails bandwagon since 2015, and you are thinking whether you should get one. To be honest, it is tempting to go to a nail salon especially when you see these long and fierce claws being worn from the likes of Lady Gaga to Adele. Now, before you check the nail salon furniture in the nearest shop to your town,(nail salon supplies) here is what you need to know before taking the jump:

These Can Cause Discomfort (At First)

The thing is, your body is not used with foreign objects attached to it. That is why you will feel tight right after the acrylic nails are installed. Should they last for more than a day, better go back to the salon where you had these installed to try a tension-relieving technique? Your manicurist may shorten the length or change the tip size. If you are really uncomfortable even after, then acrylic nails are not for you.

This is not to mention that picking up coins, putting contacts and eating finger foods become daunting challenges you never considered before. 

Acrylic Nails Require Regular Maintenance

Similar to other cosmetic procedures, getting these will require you to visit a nail salon regularly. Fills every other week is recommended since nails grow and you need to check its health. Moisture may get under the acrylic, making the nail vulnerable to fungus. If ever you contacted a fungal infection, the best course is to leave the nail acrylic-free in a while to facilitate healing.

Also, acrylic nails break in the passage of time. That is why it is not advisable to have these changed once a month.

The Price Fluctuates

Make sure you have enough budget to commit to wearing acrylic nails. Prepare for steady cash outflows plus the price change in between visits. Make your research if you do want to shell out too much. Treating yourself is good, but make sure you are prepared for it.

Neglect Leads to Nail Damage

While nails are sturdy, any unnecessary tinkering and neglect cause them to incur long-term damage. Often are the case where wearers try to lift the acrylic off in between appointments, which will hurt your nails. If you want to be acrylic-free, ask a nail professional in the salon to do so. It is also a must to keep these nails short and use moisturizing oils for upkeep.

You Can Have These Removed Anytime

Since acrylic nails are merely attachments, you can go to the salon where you installed these and ask a nail professional to get these removed on a given occasion. You can also opt to do this if you realize that acrylics are not for you.

The Bottom Line

Quality acrylic nails are not possible without the expertise of a nail professional and topnotch nail equipment. Inquire about the nail salon supplier of their choice and the experience of past clients to get a gist of their service. Excellent nails salons can give you immediate answers, and may even refer you to good wholesale nail salon equipment provider like Max Beauty Source.

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