A Distinctive Riding Experience with Airwheel S6 mini Electric Scooter with seat

In recent years, the intelligent balancing scooters have attracted more and more attention and gradually become one of the hot travel vehicles in China.

Nowadays, the car has replaced the bicycle as the most important means of transportation. A lot of issues are brought up. All these troubles that caused by the car have contributed to the development of a miniaturization travel vehicle, which will be an important trend in the future of transportation. https://twitter.com/AirwheelCZ/status/771639244888551425

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With the advent of intelligence, the intelligent balancing scooter has also become a hot travel vehicle at present. Unfortunately, the learning difficulty has restricted its development. Today, we will introduce you a new product that is aimed to solve this learning difficulty problem. It is Airwheel S6 2-wheeled electric scooter which can realize multiple riding positions.

Firstly, let’s look at its appearance. Airwheel S6 2-wheeled electric scooter adopts magnesium alloy, aluminium alloy and Lexan PC. With high strength, high resistance, light –weight, the aluminium alloy provides corrosion and abrasion resistance performance. So you don’t have to worry that your favourite Airwheel S6 won’t be able to ride in the rainy day. In fact, you can just sit on the adjustable seat cushion and ride it with the umbrella in your hand, which will be very distinctive and graceful. The passer-by will be envious of you for riding this intelligent self-balancing scooter.

The gross weight of Airwheel S6 is controlled within 14kg, while the maximum load can reach to 100kg. It is also accessible to the person in portly figure. As for Airwheel, the standard to evaluate a product is not only about the quality, but also about the practicality and comfort. All the time, the learning difficulty is the biggest factor affecting its promotion. The pressure sensor system has been installed with the rewriting intelligent chip calculation. The riders can either sit or stand by Airwheel S6. Airwheel electric walkcar is beyond imagination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PoqGpdUxMY

So, liberate your hands and go through any paths with this Airwheel S6 electric scooter to enjoy the beautiful scenery you have missed. You will be the most attractive one in the street.

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Oct 25, 2016