Adit Introduces the Patient Booking Guarantee for Dentists

Adit, a dental SEO company in Houston, is proud to announce their Patient Booking Guarantee for dental offices.

Adit, a dental SEO company in Houston, is proud to announce their Patient Booking Guarantee for dental offices.

About Adit Digital Marketing

Many dentists in America and Canada trust in Adit when it comes to their digital marketing and lead generation. In fact, Adit booked more than 15,000 new patients in the last three months! Adit is focused on attracting new customers and ensuring they convert, guaranteeing your dental office new patients monthly.

Dental SEO Patient Booking Guarantee

At Adit, they understand that website clicks mean nothing if you aren’t getting new patients. For this reason, they offer a Patient Booking Guarantee for dentists across North America. If you don’t receive results, you don’t pay. There are no contracts with Adit—they earn your business month after month, and even after a free 30-day trial program. Wondering how Adit can guarantee your dental clinic new patients every month?

                                                  Patient Booking Guarantee Features

Customized Dental Website

What makes your dental office better than the competition? Adit understands what makes your dental practice stand out, what can attract new patients, and how to present that perfectly online. As part of the Patient Booking Guarantee, dentists will receive a custom, unique website that perfectly represents their clinic online. With your site, Adit ensures that you have quick loading times, easy to use navigation, and content that is unique and specific to your practice. Along with ensuring your website is perfect for potential new patients, it is also optimized for search engines, increasing your online visibility and SERP rank.

Highly-Targeted Dental Marketing Campaigns

Adit is dedicated to understanding dental practices and finding new patients that are actively searching for dental services. To expose potential patients to your practice, Aditruns highly targeted ads that deliver them to your dental website. These highly targeted advertisements will be strategically placed via:

Google AdWords



By targeting potential patients when they are actively looking for dental services, it increases the likelihood of an immediate conversion. Unlike most forms of advertisement, digital advertisements allow you to target specific demographics, locations, and platforms and only pay when your ad reaches a potential patient. Even if a patient doesn’t convert during their first visit to your practice’s site, targeted ads can be sent to remind them to book an appointment at your office.

Tracked Marketing Strategies

Adit guarantees your dental practice will have new patients each month and provides monthly tracking to show which patients have been generated through their marketing. Tracking marketing strategies also allows Adit to monitor which campaigns are working, allowing them to make adjustments as needed. Another added benefit: Only new patients will be tracked via phone calls and website visits, not existing patients or telemarketers! 

Free Pozative Account 

When your practice enrolls in Adit’s Patient Booking Guarantee Program, you’re also given a free account for Pozative, an application that helps your business gain reviews from your customers as soon as they leave your business. Pozative can help your practice receive more positive reviews from patients and increase your practice’s online reputation.

All of these features and more are available to dentists and other medical physicians when they enroll in the Patient Booking Guarantee program. Ready to grow your practice? Give Adit a call at 832.583.9783 or visit to learn more about this program and how it can help your business boom.

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Adit is a dental SEO company in Houston TX, is proud to announce their Patient Booking Guarantee for dental offices.

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