After Storm Cleanup: Emergency Tree Removal Service

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Trees are majestic creatures that normally provide soothing and relaxing presence. Their large canopy, winding branches, verdant green leaves and thick sturdy trunks are often sources of joy and infinite pride for homeowners. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly important in keeping the air clean and fresh. However, when disaster strikes in the form of good ol’ fashion Georgian thunderstorms and whipping winds, these very same trees which have been a constant sturdy presence turns into damaging forces that can wreck houses, damage properties and flatten cars like a tin can. When this happens (and I sincerely hope it won't), the best course of action is to hire professional tree service in Marietta, Georgia and let them handle the tree removal process.

 A fallen tree in the wake of an extreme weather phenomenon is not only a burden but also a huge hazard for everyone in the property. It’s like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The felled tree does not only obstruct power line repairs, block driveways, and pathways, or obscure rooms. When not immediately removed, these trees can get weaker from damage and moisture and fall right into homes if it hasn't already. Hiring Marietta tree care specialists or arborist for an emergency tree removal service will not only lessen potential risks and hazards but also the burden and the stress of the situation.

 What does an emergency tree removal service entail?

 After storm tree service in Marietta,(tree pruning companies in Marietta) Georgia generally entails a thorough assessment of the damage wrought by the storm as well as other potential hazards on the property. After which, the Marietta tree care specialists will devise an efficient proper plan of action that will bring the least amount of damage and hazard and the best result while taking in consideration the needed equipment and the size of the removal crew. After which, the arborists will perform the needed operations from climbing to cutting, to hauling, all the while adhering to the safety requirements of tree removal and storm cleanup. The service generally doesn't stop there since the best Marietta tree care specialists suggest proper preventive measures for hazardous situations and even help restore the landscape to its former glory. The additional services usually involved in the after-storm cleanup and tree removal services are limb chopping, stump grinding, trimming, tree planting, and tree transplant.

 Tips to Weather the storm and prevent unfortunate hazards

 In order to prevent precious trees from being felled during harsh weathers, having arborists and Marietta, tree care specialists assess tree health and identify weak spots such as hollow trunks, cracks and decays, wayward branches, and dangerous lean and having them addressed is a great way of limiting property damage when harsh weather hits. Having annual pruning, biannual trimming, and employing cables and braces to increase the integrity of the tree is not only a good preventive measure for potential storm damage but also a great way of keeping trees healthy all year round.

During the storm, make your safety the priority and not the property. After the storm, tread carefully and stay away from trees and utility lines and wear proper protective attire when inspecting. Immediately call for professionals and don't be rash in decision making. By having Marietta tree care specialists and tree removal experts evaluate the damage, some trees damaged by the storm can be saved and potentially hazardous situations can be avoided.

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